Zucchetti Secures Official Approval for the Spanish Market

Revolutionizing receipt digitization with ZTravel

Exciting news! Zucchetti has just received official endorsement from the Spanish tax agency (AEAT) for our cutting-edge digitalization of receipts, compliant with the renowned 'Orden EHA 962/2007' regulation. Introducing ZTravel, the game-changing solution powered by Zucchetti HR's revolutionary platform.

Valentina Ubaldi, Zucchetti HR Mobility Solutions Product Manager, shares her enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to announce that Zucchetti's personnel management solutions are now conquering international frontiers. Today, we proudly declare that our exceptional travel management and expense reporting applications are not only tailored for the Spanish market but have also earned their place in the coveted list of AEAT-approved and recognized software."

This remarkable achievement has been made possible through our relentless dedication and seamless collaboration between Zucchetti's HR Mobility team and the visionary experts at Faber System, member of Zucchetti Group specializing in streamlining document processes.

Now, businesses in Spain can experience the power of Zucchetti's innovative solutions firsthand. Seamlessly manage travel and expense reporting with unparalleled ease, efficiency, and accuracy. Leave behind the hassle of paper-based transactions and embrace the future of digitalization.

Join the countless organizations worldwide who have already embraced Zucchetti's game-changing technologies. Together, let's revolutionize the way you handle personnel management on a global scale. Embrace ZTravel today and unlock limitless possibilities for your business.