PMS Scrigno's e-money system for Resorts

is enriched with new Android Apps

Summer is coming: Scrigno's e-money system for resorts is enriched with new Android Apps

This is the period when resorts and tourist villages are preparing for the arrival of clients.
Scrigno PMS has many specific functions for this kind of tourist facilities: the electronic money module is of particular interest, because it includes two useful Android APPs:

APP Shop: designed for villages that have shops managed by third parties, it allows guests to use the prepaid e-money card for payments, even when the shops are not managed directly. In this way, the use of cash can be reduced within the village: more convenient for customers and safer for the hotelier.

APP for counting meals: allows you to monitor access to the restaurant and recognize who have booked the meal. It also check the meals consumed by reading an electronic card.

In addition to the APPs, there are more useful features that allow you to optimize operations by ensuring speed and accuracy in transactions:

• online pre-check-in, which allows the customer to check-in and sign the privacy consents online avoiding long queues at the front-desk;

• e-money card, to manage payments (both in top-up or room charge mode) in all points of sale in the resort. The system uses RFid technology ,is integrated with the PMS, the touch screen and handheld cash desks of the F&B Easymeal system, and allows guests to use all the services offered without using cash. E- money cards can be used on the same card used to access the rooms; and can be recharged at the reception or at special automatic kiosks.

• Android orders APP, which allows you to manage orders and charge them on the room bill by storing the signature that the customer put on the tablet. It also check the meals consumed.  

• housekeeping & maintenance APP: with the appropriate configuration it is used to know how much staff is needed to clean the rooms and how long it takes for cleaning. It is useful also for the maintenance interventions in order to organize the staff needed; and to manage “lost & found” items, with the possibility of attaching photos;

• management of the beach and related additional services such as beach umbrellas and sunbeds. You can define the zones by sector, row, feature; the price lists between daily and weekly, and additional services (deckchair, sun bed, umbrella, etc.). This function is integrated with e-money and allows clients to pay with a prepaid card or by charging on the room bill;

• the interface between Scrigno and the license plate reading and bar opening systems for the registration of incoming vehicles.

Last but not least, we point out: manage the rates in a simplified way, manage the automatic formulas for calculating reductions or supplements, manage club cards and allotments, and the screen with the available rooms, which displays the rooms ready for check-in and helps avoid queues on hot arrival days. Scrigno is also ideal for managing campsites, thanks to some specific features in the pricing management already at the booking stage (per person, per pitch, for extra services such as pets, vehicles, etc.) and with special functions for:

• guarantee contracts, in order to manage group contracts with travel agencies by recording period, number of pitches and installment payments. The same system is used to register packages at a flat rate for individuals;

• camping cheques, to manage the different types of vouchers accepted. During the check-out, the system manages payment by voucher and the associated discount plan;

• control of assigned pitches and reporting of extra services.

If a campsite also has a hotel inside, they can be managed both with Scrigno by adding the campsites module.