Adds two languages within its recruiting software and enriches the Analytics section even more

In-recruiting is the new Zucchetti Applicant Tracking System for the recruitment, replacing the former recruiting solution (CV Online). During 2020 In-recruiting released many new features that have made it one of the most complete recruiting software on the market. 2021 started with some new implementations affecting the languages ??and the Analytics section.

  1. 1.     Multilingual platform

 In-recruiting is a software designed to be used worldwide and compatible with any third-party software via API. The countless features, available within In-recruiting and usable for each device, support usability in 10 languages. In addition to Italian, English (UK), English (USA), German, Spanish, French, Polish and Croatian already implemented, Brazilian Portuguese and Romanian are now equipped.

  1. 2.     The Source of Hire: a new recruiting metric to understand the channels' performance hired candidates come from

Statistics, KPIs and recruiting metrics are essential tools for improving the recruiting process' performance and adopting a data-driven approach to selection.

In recruiting has a specific section dedicated to collecting and analysing information and metrics such as time to fill, time to hire, vacancy status, conversions, applications, and many more. At the end of 2020, In-recruiting added the Hiring Pipeline to monitor and manage applications directly from ATS. A further improvement of the statistics section is now due to the Source of Hire, a recruiting metric that indicates the percentage of candidates, coming from different sources or recruiting channels, entered the selection process pipeline and then

hired. Monitoring the Source of Hire helps you understand where hired candidates are coming from and how to improve your recruiting strategy by identifying the most effective sources.

Download the Source of Hire 2020 to get the best overall sources of employment, the sites/job boards for hired candidates and an overview of the essential HR Analytics.