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Zucchetti HR: HR management and administration in the 4.0 era

Each person is a resource for the company.
For this reason, Zucchetti HR software supports the HR department in valuing talents, in improving the corporate environment and in reaching strategic goals: in fact, the unique database and its native integration guarantees the optimization of all administrative, management and HR analysis processes.

Selection, Training and Compensation
Corporate welfare
Electronic luncheon vouchers
Access management

Engaged and always connected: a unique portal for human resources

In order to contribute to the increase of the collaboration of the whole workforce, Zucchetti offers HR Portal, a profiled portal available via web from desktop and mobile for the HR Department, the managers and the employees.

Improve communication all employees have their own virtual desk with personal documents (payslip, attendance sheet, etc), corporate communications and memorandums, immediately categorized and archived.

Offer 24h services each resource finds all the tools useful to its daily corporate life in one place, from justifications to holiday leave, from benefits to training programmes.

Enhance the coordination between Human Resources and Management thanks to control dashboards and team analyses.

Zucchetti HR: the integrated ecosystem for the management company’s people

Think of a company where each person (employees, managers, external collaborators, guests) is connected and part of a unique management system. For this reason, Zucchetti HR was created, the first platform with a unique database that integrates all the processes involving people.


HR  |  Safety & Security  |  Workforce Management  |  Travel & Fleet
The HR software integrated with other applicative areas allow you to: 
  • Manage employee’s data, training, medical exams and deadlines in a unique database;
  • Enable the access only to the personnel specifically qualified in training and safety;
  • Manage employees’ database and assignment of pool vehicles from a unique point of access;
  • Automatically import the worked hours in the attendance sheet, based on the timesheet or the scheduled shift plan;
  • Automatically see all employee’s expenses related to business trips and to the usage of corporate cars in the payslip

Zucchetti HR: the choice of many

Thanks to their native integration, flexibility and international characteristics our solutions:

  • Are present in 16 countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Congo, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain and UK;
  • Are available in 8 languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Polish and Portoguese.