Infinity Zucchetti

A new point of view on corporate processes

Infinity Zucchetti is the first platform that integrates all the corporate processes of people management.

Employees, managers, suppliers, guests: anyone who gets in contact with the organization thanks to Zucchetti Infinity’s software becomes is part of a unique web, cloud and mobile web management system that guarantees maximum collaboration, activity control and process efficiency.
Unique shared database, web logic for maximum collaboration, unique user experience: every Zucchetti Infinity’s software is the beginning of a new way of working in the company.

A complete platform for all company’s needs….yours included!

With 4 applicative areas Infinity Zucchetti offer simple answers to all managerial processes and punctual functionalities for each manager: software for HR Department and HR manager, Production Managers, Travel managers, CFO, Health & Safety Operator, etc

Find out how Infinity’s solutions can help you!

administration, HR management and development
 HR Mobility business travel and car fleet management
 HR Cost & Planning to organize teams, shifts and activities
 Safety & Security to guarantee corporate safety

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Everything you need to digitize your company when you most need it

Infinity Zucchetti platform offers to the company one of the most advanced, complete and flexible technologies on the market to adapt to any organisation, save time and increase automation.

SOFTWARE: in web technology and based on a unique portal that allow to access and share processes, data and documents 24H and from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the profiled access, each user (CXO, managers and employees) can find all they need: managing functions, information, documents, self-service services.

ANALYTICS: pre-configured and customizable dashboards that analyse all software’s data to support strategic decisions. 

APP MOBILE: to manage all processes via mobile from any device and for any employee.

IA, HARDWARE & IOT: innovative tools for an organization 4.0