Case history

Bagel Factory

Boosting Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
Through TCPOS Automation

Client Profile

From its modest beginnings in a London basement back in 1997, Bagel Factory has achieved remarkable growth and has earned a reputation as a beloved destination for fresh bagels, snacks and quality coffee.
Bagel Factory's rise to prominence is marked by its smart choice of prime locations, currently boasting a network of over 30 branches across the UK. All of its stores are strategically positioned in high-footfall areas, ensuring they are readily accessible to a diverse and bustling customer base. These locations span a variety of settings, including airports, shopping malls, and the heart of London itself. This strategic placement has allowed Bagel Factory to become an integral part of the daily routine for travellers, shoppers, and urban dwellers alike.

TCPOS the multifunctional solution for electronic cash registers.

With locations across the UK, Bagel Factory was struggling to consolidate all data in one place.
They were using a limited legacy POS system, meaning their stores' datasets were managed separately and there was no one source of truth.
Due to the nature of their business, Bagel Factory needed to be reactive. Varied footfall across their locations meant they needed a system that could implement site-specific promotions in line with current, relative stock levels.
They also needed a degree of self-sufficiency – their existing system meant they couldn’t update pricing or promotions themselves; instead, they needed to contact their POS provider every time they had a small change to make, thus investing additional time, effort and money. This also meant they were spending additional time each week on admin, filling in separate spreadsheets per store.
Without a comprehensive reporting system, staff hours were going into manual tasks instead of value-add tasks that would enhance customer experience.

With TCPOS providing almost 40 EPOS systems for 27 locations across the UK and one central platform overseeing all of their locations, Bagel Factory now has oversight of all data in one place. Better yet, Zucchetti UK provided an app that allows them access to real-time reporting on the move, as well as a loyalty app enabling customers to earn points or pre-order on the go. We also provided a loyalty app that enables customers to earn points and pre-order before arriving at their chosen location. We integrated a new till system so that a customer ordering on the app has the order sent to the store automatically – the order
then prints in the store and is prepared for collection. Receipts and reporting are all integrated so the client can see the performance of the whole estate and how their customers are interacting with the tech provided. This has enabled Bagel Factory’s personnel to be agile, adapting pricing and promotions per store based on up-to-date metrics in order to drive more sales and increase customer loyalty.
Running promotions on the items that aren’t selling well in one location has meant they can better manage their wastage levels per store, too. Thanks to Zucchetti, Bagel Factory can spend their time on important things.

“Before, we had one person doing the sales reporting every day – there was a spreadsheet sending over all the revenue, all the data… Now, we have a report which is sent automatically every morning. It’s much quicker and it’s easy to understand where we are.” says Mr. Antonio Ghirarduzzi, Bagel Factory Managing Director. Till templates for each store change throughout the day, meaning buttons for menu items and meal deals automatically adjust when breakfast turns to lunch. Zucchetti also added till prompts so that staff are able to offer customers current promotions that prioritise and enhance the consumer experience. Zucchetti implemented access control, allocating certain permissions based on employees' roles, ensuring increased control, e.g by only allowing senior staff to update pricing and promotions.

Mr. Antonio Ghirarduzzi, Bagel Factory Managing Director
“The reporting system where we can export the data is the key thing… We weren’t able to do it before. I’m doing an analysis every day about the range and different promotions; we can manage different price levels and clusters with one system only. It’s helping the team in the stores process transactions quicker than before. There’s a possibility for online and delivery sales. It’s a fundamental tool for our business. It’s simple to use and understand… for sure, I would recommend it.”