From point of sale to point of service

People’s needs inspire innovation; through constant innovation, TCPOS helps you take care of the technology behind your operation. Thanks to its flexible architecture and scalability, TCPOS is the ideal cash system for all companies who want to keep their technology up to date. TCPOS simplifies the job of your operators and ensures a memorable experience for your customers, who will reward you by coming back!

All payments accepted
TCPOS accepts all forms of payment: cash, credit cards and customer cards. In addition, with TCPOS you can manage the latest payment solutions without problems: cashless, contactless and mobile payments allow your customers to use their smartphones as real digital wallets.

All features, simple to use
We want to help simplify your employees’ work processes. This is why our software solutions leverage intuitive controls that can be learned quickly, eliminating time-consuming and expensive training. The installation and configuration are easy, just like each operation. Moreover, thanks to its many features, the system can be quickly adapted to your specific needs.

No hardware limits
Those who choose TCPOS, rely on its flexibility and the ability to interface seamlessly with multiple devices. This is crucial for business management and operations, transforming your Point of Sale into an actual Point of Service. TCPOS is developed based on industry standards and leverages operating systems like Windows and Android, as well as the databases Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Customer card management
TCPOS was developed to allow your company to achieve maximum customer loyalty. This is why you can manage customer cards of all kinds, allowing users to top-up prepaid cards and transfer balances between cards. You can also define promotions of any type, design gift cards for your clients or loyalty points campaigns that will be managed by the central computer system.

Empower Your Workforce Productivity and Engagement!

Are you still using manual time tracking via spreadsheet or homegrown systems to track your employees time data?
If you are a busy store manager you need just the right information delivered in an easy to consume format and Zucchetti Workforce Management for Retail is the right solution for you!
Improve employee satisfaction by enabling more flexible shift selection aligning your store strategy with the customers expectations and the career needs of employees.

Zucchetti Workforce Management solution includes:

  • labour forecasting and scheduling;
  • time and attendance;
  • activity & task management;
  • job costing;  
  • identification and access management.

Zucchetti combines the latest technologies with best practices, matured by helping hundreds of retailers in today’s customer-centric environment. Zucchetti web-based Workforce Management includes one of the leading labor forecasting and scheduling solution based on complex mathematical algorithms,  and deep domain expertise, to equip retailers with the responsiveness and insight they need to develop localized assortments and category plans that consistently attract, capture and retain market share.

Advanced time and labor optimization includes many factors, such as labor standards, capacity, staff availability and budget constraints, to produce a schedule that maximizes store efficiency, while minimizing budget variances and ensures labor law compliance.