Case history

Italian Hospital Group

Zucchetti HR, the most effective treatment for managing healthcare personnel

ClientItalian Hospital Group SpA          
Field: Health
No. of employees: 500

Client Profile

The Italian Hospital Group SpA was founded in 2001 to implement and expand the supply of social and health services of various structures in the area. The specialist centre dedicated to Alzheimer's disease, the largest in Lazio, and the Centre for Eating Disorders are of considerable importance at the national level.
Furthermore, located throughout the territory are socio/therapeutic rehabilitation residential structures dedicated to users with psychiatric problems. Overall, the company is present in Lazio with 16 facilities and manages 546 beds as nursing homes and 10 beds and 40 home care beds as hospice.

TeraSoft, Zucchetti Agency, is a company specialising in offering integrated IT solutions for Companies, Professionals, Credit Institutions and Public Administration. Its ten-year experience places TeraSoft at the forefront and allows it to understand and anticipate the needs of the market. The pluses offered by TeraSoft are service and assistance which, thanks to qualified collaborators, allow for working alongside the customer at all times, guaranteeing certain and timely response.

Italian Hospital Group was managed with many heterogeneous solutions not integrated with each other, which led to redundant outputs, not always consistent with each other and unreliable statistical data and reporting. Management of human resources was largely entrusted to the manual interventions of some operators, with the consequent possibility of error and waste of time, in particular for the planning and management of shifts, with subsequent verification of actual time and attendance for the processing of pay slips.
Furthermore, official communications between the various operating offices were sent by e-mail and disseminated internally orally or by paper printouts. For this, an epochal reorganisation of the applications in use was necessary.

Terasoft has developed a management model that provides for the introduction of organisational processes, aimed at automating and optimising the flow of information, thanks to the flexibility and web technology of Zucchetti HR Suite.

Time and Attendance and Scheduling
The personnel department enters the master data of a new resource in the Time & Attendance solution and, thanks to the single database, all the other departments can display the data entered and integrate those within their competence. Health Management and each ward head have complete autonomy in scheduling shifts and can check coverage in real time. At the same time, healthcare professionals can request changes to planning but also leaves, holidays and overtime from their manager through the HR Portal and Workflow tools. Thanks to the integration of the solution with the Time and Attendance systems, Personnel Management can send the labour consultant a file containing unique and correct data without the need for manual intervention. The flow thus organised allows for containing personnel costs and ensures precision and punctuality in the totals of the month and, consequently, in the processing of the data necessary for the processing of salaries.

Safety at the workplace
Thanks to Safety Solution, integrated with the other solutions of the Zucchetti HR suite, the safety office, at the time of hiring a new resource, plans the required medical examinations and assigns the personal protective equipment (PPE) and, subsequently, manages the periodic visits and checks of the assigned devices.

Clear and shared corporate communications
With the HR Tool Platform product, the various company bulletin boards are no longer in use and have been unified online, in order to manage official communications once and reach all operational offices with a simple click. In this way management is tracked and the information is clear and usable by all the staff at any time, thanks to the PC workstations made available by the facilities.

Consistent and easy to read data
At any time, the Human Resources Department has the possibility to analyse any type of data present in the HR suite through Zucchetti Business Intelligence: with Infovision and HR Analytics, defined dashboards for dynamic analysis of HR data, company management has clear and precise information also presented graphically.

Applications always up-to-date
To have the guarantee of constantly updated, reliable and performing applications, Italian Hospital Group has chosen to entrust IT maintenance of Zucchetti solutions to OS Project, a company of the Terasoft group, which, with periodic interventions at the customer or remotely, manages Operating Systems, Databases and Zucchetti applications.

Daniele Isabella - Sales Director and Quality Manager of Italian Hospital Group

The implementation of the Zucchetti applications responded to the complexities of our context, a very particular sector due to the nature of the shifts of healthcare personnel. After many years of fragmentation, we have finally managed to achieve a homogeneity in management that we have been striving to achieve for some time. Furthermore, thanks to the flexibility of Zucchetti solutions, it was not necessary to change the terminals already in our possession and this allowed us to invest more in the training of our staff. Thanks to Zucchetti solutions and the support of the Terasoft Agency, we can serenely face the continuous evolutions involving our sector.