Case history


Search for excellence in technology, new organisational models for the well-being and safety of employees

Client: Lima Corporate
Field: Horthopaedic devices
No. of employees: over 1,000
Turnover: 200 million euro 

Client Profile

LimaCorporate is a global orthopaedic company focused on digital innovation and customised implants at the service of patient care. The technological and cutting-edge solutions developed by the company are available to surgeons to improve the surgical outcome of patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. LimaCorporate’s main goal is to provide surgeons with reconstructive and tailor-made orthopaedic solutions to improve patients’ quality of life and give them back the joy of movement. The company is based in Italy and operates directly in over 20 countries around the world. LimaCorporate offers primary and revision implants for large joints and complete solutions for extremities, including fixation. Ongoing investments into research and development have led to the creation of cutting-edge technologies, in particular the use of Trabecular Titanium, a biomaterial whose patented and interconnected design can only be built with 3D printing technology. TT is used in reconstructive orthopaedics thanks to its lightness, excellent biocompatibility and its mechanical performance. LimaCorporate pursues excellence in quality, strictly complying with all international regulations and provides continuous training opportunities for surgeons.

Always particularly attentive to the health and well-being of its employees, LimaCorporate had already been planning a change in the organisation of work for some time, which, following the coronavirus pandemic, has become a priority need.

The new organisational system focuses on a hybrid solution, which allows for both remote work and physical presence on site in a balanced way. All employees doing clerical work were therefore allowed to take advantage of smart working indefinitely, alternating it with days at the workplace, which are still necessary, considering the high percentage of newly-hired staff (who need greater support at the office), the increasing interaction between different functions and the need for socialising and interpersonal relationships between workers, aspects that remain fundamental, even for promoting productivity.
This new organisation, leading to a lower number of workers on the premises, has made the concept of a fixed workstation obsolete, replaced by that of sharing, that is, the sharing of workspaces. To switch to this system, combining it with the need to maintain social distancing, it was necessary to have software that allows for booking workstations, at the same time allowing for constant monitoring of the number of people present and always guaranteeing compliance with safety rules.

LimaCorporate has found an answer to its needs in Zucchetti's solution, ZWorkspace, which allows for management and booking of workstations in a very simple way. Used at the Villanova di San Daniele del Friuli (UD) headquarters, with the prospect of implementing it quickly also at Calatafimi and Segesta (TP) and Assago (MI), the system allows 430 employees to book a workstation within the 80 areas into which the company has been divided.
The workstations, all shared, are 219 desks, which, when fully operational, will become 1,110 (not only desks, but also other company spaces). Booking of the workstation by the employee is done independently and is subject to authorisation by the manager.
It can be done both from desktop and through a practical mobile app. All reservations, both current and future ones, are summarised in the app dashboard and this allows you to always have the situation of reserved and bookable spaces under control, in real time. With the hoped-for return to normality, it will be possible to use ZWorkspace to book other company spaces, such as meeting rooms, parking spaces and training rooms, allowing the company to have an increasingly dynamic and flexible organisation.

Dr. Clama
Global IT Director

The health, well-being and safety of our employees have always been a priority for our company.
We are constantly open to innovation, as regards both the management of people and the approach to technology. When the pandemic confronted us with the need to change organisational processes and models, we did not hesitate to start a real cultural revolution. Not just smart working, but a new way of thinking and managing company spaces, with a view of total sharing. Zucchetti's ZWorkspace solution is fully suited to us, because it allows us to manage spaces and workstations in a flexible and dynamic way, in compliance with the rules of social distancing. Employees book their desks independently from the app and share the work environment in a safe and collaborative way.