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Dimension Data

A complete suite for world-class IT security and business solutions

Client: Dimension Data
Field: ICT services
No. of employees: 28,000 worldwide
Turnover: $8 billions
Web site:

Client Profile

Founded in 1983 and today part of NTT Group, Dimension Data is a system integrator and service provider with a $8 billion revenue on a global scale. It designs, manages and optimizes modern and ever-changing technological environments in order to allow customers to better take advantage of data in the Digital Era.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, with 28,000 employees in 47 countries, Dimension Data combines the best technology in the world offered both by market leaders and by the most innovative organizations – from consulting, technological and supporting services to fully managed services.

In Asia Pacific, Dimension Data operates with 35 offices in 13 countries. The company’s mission is to enable technology and allow clients to manag IT infrastructure contributing to the evolution of business and to improve the impact on environment and society.

A major part of Dimension Data staff is made of technical and commercial personnel that mainly operates remotely, for whom an online HR data management system is necessary. The latter ensures on the one hand the insertion of expense and travel reports by the employees, and on the other hand the monitoring of reports by the office supervisors (Payroll, Personnel, etc.).

The HR data management processes related to Time & Attendance and Travel and Expense Reports have been completely computerized. This has allowed, besides a precise administration management, reducing considerably the time and costs of data communication and management processes of the entire personnel, especially the travelling one. 

In fact, at any time, by means of the HR Portal, the employees access their own monthly card, checking and submitting requests (e.g. missing clockings, vacation, authorizations), which will then be approved or rejected at different authorization levels, depending on the preset level of the company. Through such automatism, the process is highly efficient: it has been possible to remove paper documents, that were necessary before, to reduce errors and eliminate data entry previously managed by the HR Department.

Guido Buffo, HR Director:

"Our functional top-priority requirement has been achieved with the satisfaction of two internal Clients: Colleagues and Management. Witnessing the computerization of the HR processes for the first time, we aimed to ensure access simplicity and reliability of processed data, focusing on the fact that our internal structure should acquire a service function not depending on processes flow any longer.
Zucchetti, better than others, has proved the ability to build with us a complete and reliable solution, adaptable to our specific requirements and simple as far as the access is concerned."