ZScheduling Shift Scheduling App

Shift scheduling gets smart!

Managing shifts and exceptions to the schedule can be complex. With Zucchetti's ZScheduling - Enterprise Edition App, it all becomes much simpler.

The ZScheduling App is the mobile application designed to solve daily activities for those responsible for planning shifts and shift workers, as it simplifies shift schedule management, which then becomes accessible from mobile devices for both the planner and for the workers: in this way, everyone knows about the shifts, can propose changes and are updated on each variation. 

The Zucchetti ZScheduling App allows the planning manager to:

  • Publish the shift schedule for all staff;
  • Receive notifications about non-availability of staff;
  • Receive notifications about shift change requests or accepted substitutions.

And to promptly manage exceptions, modifying at any time the shift calendar, the Planning Manager can use the ZScheduling Planner App. Find out more!

The shift workers will find the ZScheduling App to be an essential tool for their daily work, that allows them to:

  • see their shifts with a weekly or daily view;
  • see the colleagues working the same shift;
  • request shift changes;
  • accept/refuse shift change requests;
  • always have company contact numbers for colleagues assigned to the same shift to hand so that they can request changes to the schedule.

ZScheduling App's uniqueness lies in being natively integrated with:
- Zucchetti ZScheduling Workforce Scheduling and Shift Planning software
- Zucchetti Time & Attendance, Infinity Timesheet and Travel & Expenses management software

Try the free demo version of the ZScheduling App immediately!

Who is the ZScheduling shift management App dedicated to?
The ZScheduling - Enterprise Edition App can be used by all those companies that want to innovate and make the shift planning and management process more efficient. By sharing the shift schedule management and making it always accessible, the ZScheduling App offers advantages for both the shift/production manager and for all the workers.

How is the ZScheduling App activated?                                                                                                  
The company must authorize its own workers, who can then download the app autonomously from the main online stores.

Which operating systems is the ZScheduling App currently compatible with?
The ZScheduling App is compatible with iOS and Android. 
The App can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

What is required to use the App correctly?
The company that wants to use the ZScheduling App for its own employees to clock in and out must have purchased the Zucchetti Zscheduling software. In particular the company must have the following modules:

  • Scheduling: for planning and viewing the shift calendars
  • Workflow Scheduling: for shift change requests
  • Activity Plan: for entering and viewing single activities

Try the free demo version of the ZScheduling App immediately!
Download the App from stores and find out how to simplify personnel shift management.