SMA.I.L:) StockSystem®

Warehouse Management Software

With SMA.I.L:) you fully manage logistics flows and have all warehouse operations constantly under control, also counting on the high degree of integration with the most popular Italian and international ERP software thanks to standard interfaces or specific integration modules.

Developed on an open architecture, the SMA. I.L:) is extremely flexible and easily configurable to the product parameters of the sector to which it belongs. In addition to aligning perfectly with the needs of each industry, they have been developed for SMA. I.L:) of the vertical modules specific for the logistics of fashion, food and beverage, mechanical industry and 3PL.

To meet the needs of all production and distribution companies, SMA. I.L:) is easily adaptable to the different types of warehouse and to the different configurations of physical structures and handling logics used in the company.

SMA.I.L:) industrializes manual warehouse processes, recovering efficiency and productivity through:

  • Tracking and tracing of all products, raw materials and goods in stock, to know in real time "where, how much and when"
  • flexibility and control of operational resources, standardizing activities and monitoring the quality of each operator's work
  • Integrated, user-friendly technologies  that allow for limited training times
  • Multiple features developed ad hoc to easily adapt it to production and distribution companies belonging to any product sector.

SMA.I.L:) StockSystem® is a product of Replica Sistemi, a company of the Zucchetti Group.