Opera MES

Build the Connected Factory with the Power of Information

Opera MES is a complete, modular and fully configurable industrial MES platform that meets the needs of any type of industry, size and location, from small to large enterprises, reducing production times and costs.
Opera is an intelligent MES that is able to connect, monitor, analyze and predict factory data, values that are the fulcrum around which the entire Smart Factory revolves.

The platform is developed with web-based technologies with an interactive, simple and modern graphical interface for paperless factory management.

Opera MES is a solution from Open Data, a company of the Zucchetti group.

Opera I4
is a standard configuration of Opera MES created specifically to allow bidirectional interconnection with machines, equipment, production lines and devices in general, for the automatic acquisition of data and the sending of instructions to the machinery, making the facilitation possible.

Companies choose Opera MES for the following reasons:

  • Increase Productivity/Production Efficiency (OEE)
  • Reduce production lead time
  • Eliminate or reduce data entry time
  • Cut WIP (work in progress)
  • Eliminate or reduce paperwork between shifts
  • Cut lead time
  • Improve product quality (reduction of non-conformities)
  • Optimize the use of primary and secondary resources
  • Improve the organization of processes (lean manufacturing)



- Business Model Management
- Order Management for Production/Products
- Dispatching and optimization of production assignments
- Automatic data acquisition of production
- Production Supervision
- Monitoring & Automatic control in real time
- Calculation of OEE and Performance Analysis
- Plant Analysis
- Interface Business Applications

- Finite Capacity Scheduling

- Asset management for maintenance
- Preventive Maintenance
- Predictive Maintenance
- Autonomous Maintenance
- Management of consumable materials/devices for Maintenance
- Device Connection

- Management of protocols and logics of connection
- Automatic data acquisition from devices
- Automatic sending of data to a device
- Machine Monitoring

- Automatic identification of materials
- Warehouse/Location/Lot management
- Stock management
- Predefined material levels
- Material movement levels
- Kanban electronic stock and analysis monitoring
- Interfacing automatic warehouses

- Quality control
- Management of visual/instrumental tests
- Recording and management of test styles
- Monitoring the state of batches/lots

- Creation and management of log/matrix
- Traceability history log/matrix
- Automatic identification of batch/matrix

- Process data management
- Automatic acquisition of process values
- Condition Monitoring
- Monitoring and analysis of process values
- Real-time SPC/Control charts analysis

Opera MES is a single platform that is commercially divided into 8 functional modules:

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: control, supervision and analysis of all production flows from the receipt of work orders to the completion of the finished product.
SCHEDULING: finite capacity scheduler connected to electronic dispatching to plan activities to be performed.
MATERIAL: real-time control of the flow of materials in and out of the warehouse and during production.
MAINTENANCE: management and control of all maintenance activities of company assets.
DEVICE CONNECTION: the interconnection with all the machines/plants/lines present in the plant for the automatic acquisition of data.
QUALITY CONTROL: product compliance, detection and management of tests in production.
TRACKING & GENEOLOGY: product genealogy, traceability/traceability of production batches.
PROCESS CONTROL: control, recording and monitoring of process data.