Analysis of Employee Climate and Engagement

Increase your people's engagement and satisfaction with Beaconforce

Beaconforce Zucchetti is the People Management platform that provides companies with real-time data to better manage their people and improve performance.

Zucchetti Beaconforce covers various HR processes, enabling you to:

  • perform business climate analysis
  • measure stress levels and comply with regulations on work-related stress;
  • measure and improve staff involvement and employee satisfaction;
  • predict risk areas and reduce unwanted company turnover;

... and much more!

Engaged and satisfied people? Listening is key.
With surveys, KPIs and advanced analytics dashboards, the platform provides you with suggestions for micro corrective actions for you and your managers, allowing you to translate your people's feedback into action.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs!
Suitable for your company, your organisation's culture and your strategic objectives.

To conduct climate analyses, assess and manage the risk of work-related stress on the basis of predefined indicators or customised analyses.

To analyse staff engagement over time and useful information on what drives performance through monthly surveys and dashboards.

Continuous staff feedback and predictive analytics to reduce turnover and prevent burnout by highlighting who needs immediate support.

To provide corporate leadership, human resources management, and management with the answers that will help them steer their teams in the right direction.