ePos Cloud

Seamless Retail from the Cloud

Zucchetti’s ePOS Cloud is designed to provide solutions to all your needs simultaneously.

This groundbreaking POS system offers you way more than you expect from a cash register: with ePOS Cloud, even small and medium-sized companies can now afford business software that was previously only available to large companies.

The solution is cost effective since it does not need any investment costs for server hardware. Our unique, state-of-the-art user interface facilitates the work for your employees and allows them to focus and invest more time into other important activities. The cloud services of our ePOS Cloud software are dynamic and highly scalable, this way; it can quickly and easily be adapted to our customers’ individual needs.

Zucchetti’s ePOS Cloud solution has a multi-client functionality; international branch structures and franchise models can easily be mapped and managed. Furthermore, the solution supports all essential data flows and processes for various omni-channel strategies. Through the flexibility of the ePOS Cloud, you can start service processes at the checkout in one store or in the eCommerce channel and to process them at a checkout in another store – maximum flexibility guaranteed!

  • Cost-effective
  • Omni-channel enabler
  • Minimized IT administration effort
  • Maximum data security
  • Multi-functional & Multi-Country

The ePOS Cloud solution includes extensive functions and process support as a standard. Nevertheless, the range of features is constantly being expanded to continuously match the evolving requirements of our customers. Thus, our software can be adapted to the needs of the individual retailer on single client or branch level, even during the contract period.

The ePOS Cloud is based on an optimized cloud technology; it features maximum offline capability and is ready for operation without an internet connection.

Consulting and sales processes as well as inventory processes, incoming and outgoing goods processes can be easily moved to the area or warehouse with mobile devices. Thus, the capacity at the check-out will be increased considerably. Furthermore, the ePOS Cloud eliminates the need for branch servers, thus enabling an efficient, seamless operation with remote installation and remote maintenance.