Home delivery and take-away

Management solution for hospitality with home delivery and take-away service

The Zucchetti solution for home delivery and take-away service, available for Android and Apple iOS devices, simplifies the management of restaurants that offer their customers the convenience of orders via smartphone and allows the restaurateur to receive orders independently, both for pick-up at the point of sale and for delivery.

  • manage the menu, description, photos and variants of the courses;
  • promote the restaurant in an innovative way;
  • manage and independently receive online orders, delivery and payment method

  • At the restaurant: by scanning the QR code identification of your restaurant, your customer will find himself directly on the of the menu, without wasting time searching for you
  • At home: the customer identifies the restaurant (through Qrcode, Link on the site or social code), displays the menu, choose the variants on the individual dish, the method of collection and delivery, and the method of payment.
The solution by Zucchetti was born as a standalone application designed to manage menus, photos, and orders directly from the app in use to the restaurateur. But it does not end here: it is also natively integrated with the main POS software and the most modern payment systems

Choose if you want to charge by cash, or smart payments like Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Satispay. Yes, the 'old-fashioned' credit card is still valid.

The take-away and home delivery form integrates perfectly with:

Tailor-made management software for restaurants and any catering establishment

The software for managing orders and orders via handhelds

Simple solutions for streamlined catering management

Thanks to Zucchetti's take-away and home delivery solution, it is possible to automatically recognize the customer's phone number with a device connected to the landline or via Android smartphone. The App allows the operator to enter and store personal data and any notes, such as indications on the doorbell or the presence of dangerous animals in the garden, that will be printed on the delivery note and other notes (such as "Friend of the owner") visible during the order.

Once a new order is entered - or one of the last orders made by the customer is quickly selected - the system automatically checks the feasibility (e.g. number of pizzas and/or number of deliveries) according to the desired time, calculates any additional delivery service, communicates the amount of the order to the customer, sends the production and delivery summary to the printer.

By reading a barcode printed on the summary you can check the preview of the route on Google Maps (so you can monitor the traffic in real time and choose the best road) and then proceed with the matching with the delivery man. Then, the delivery man can start automatically, and the system stores the name and time of exit, nothing is left to chance and the whole process is streamlined and efficient.

The procedure designed for catering activities with take-away and home delivery service carries out at best all the phases just described in a simple and fast way.