Electronic luncheon vouchers, recording work attendance and controlling accesses in one badge!

The combined skills of Zucchetti and Edenred, the creator of Ticket Restaurant® luncheon vouchers and world leader in pre-paid service vouchers for companies, have led to Multi Solution, the only solution in Italy that, with one tool, can:

  • supply employees with electronic luncheon vouchers;
  • record work attendance of employees;
  • monitor access to company premises.

One solution... within hand’s reach!

Multi Solution is new because it is a multi-function card with the traditional features of a work badge but that can also be used to upload and use electronic luncheon vouchers.

To make the whole process even more efficient, the card integrates into a full management system,

  • HR Portal Zucchetti: this human resources portal in web technology allows companies to order luncheon vouchers in the Ticket Restaurant Smart® Edenred electronic format and assign them to employees. Employees in turn can display the list of food outlets that accept the vouchers, the balance and the expiry date of their vouchers;

  • Touch-screen terminal: the Zucchetti terminal (which employees are already using to register their presence) allows employees to load the electronic luncheon vouchers onto their card. The terminal, which communicates in real time with the HR Portal, also allows workers to access all the information on the vouchers and other functions of staff management.

Multi Solution is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes that offer luncheon vouchers to their employees.

  • dematerializes the paper management of luncheon vouchers;
  • computerizes (and provides transparency for) all staff administrative processes upstream and downstream of luncheon voucher management, from recording the attendance required to calculate the entitlement to luncheon vouchers to generating pay slips;
  • reduces the work that staff administration must perform, which in turn leads to fewer errors, less inefficiency and lower costs;
  • makes communication with employees simpler;
  • guarantees safety at electronic level and protection against theft and forgery.

There are considerable benefits for employees as well:

  • fewer cards needed - there is just one multi-function badge for registering work attendance, access to work premises and the use of electronic luncheon vouchers;
  • full, 24h control of the balance, voucher expiry date and the list of food outlets that accept the vouchers.

Multi Solution is perfectly integrated with HR Infinity, the first and only web technology suite with a single information database for the full management of all aspects of administration, management and organization of personnel.

  • Staff management software
  • Payslips
  • Attendance Management
  • Attendance Workflow
  • Communication Workflow
  • Business trips and Expenses
  • Shift Management
  • Staff Budget
  • Human Resources Management
  • Work activity times
  • Maintenance Activity Management
  • Access Management
  • HR Portal
  • HR Analytics
  • 730 on Web


The integration with the Zucchetti attendance monitoring terminals provides you with a complete hardware and software system for administrating staff in an efficient and modern manner.

ZP terminals: a line of modern terminals with a refined design, large and luminous screen to display all the information related to attendance: entry/exit times, references, outcome of registration events, etc.

ZT terminals: they are the last frontier of company totems, real touch-screen PCs with a large graphical display that, in addition to traditional attendance recording functions, combine innovative functions that provide staff who do not have a PC with:

  • advanced company communication tools to manage justification documents for absences, illness, holiday and leave;
  • applications for the management of company staff shifts;
  • canteen booking systems.

Mobile terminals: the line of pocket-sized terminals ideal for recording employee presence and collecting the data of staff working away from the company premises.