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Get a great looking, easy-to-use online store up and running in no time!

Create a successful online store with an affordable Java based eCommerce - shopping cart software solution!

If you are an online retailer you can boost your business with KonaKart: an easy-to-use Java based eCommerce platform for online retailers of all sizes. Being user-friendly and at the same time highly customizable, the solution provides high performancepowerful administration, and low cost of ownership. KonaKart has a comprehensive set of APIs for building, managing and integrating your storefront.
Regardless of your size, KonaKart will provide a powerful solution that should cover most, if not all of your requirements, delivering unparalleled price/performance. 
One of the differentiation factors of KonaKart is that all functionalities are available through a set of APIs (POJO, JSON, SOAP, RMI, JavaScript). These APIs are great for integration, allowing you to seamlessly merge eCommerce functionalities into existing web sites and to connect to back end systems through well defined interfaces.
For the customer facing storefront, KonaKart allows you to use any technology. It comes with a customizable JSP based responsive application as well as a JavaScript single page application, but also allows you to create your own storefront using technologies such as AngularJS and React or by integrating the functionality into any content management system. 
The KonaKart administration application is browser based and allows you to manage all aspects of the store such as products, customers, orders, marketing etc. It implements role based security and auditing to keep track of changes. Like the storefront, it communicates with the KonaKart Admin Engine through the APIs allowing the creation of bespoke custom functionality to cover your business requirements. 

In today’s global economy, we realize how important it is for you to reach out to customers residing anywhere in the world. This is why KonaKart is completely multilingual, (supporting both Western and Asian character sets) as well as being multi-currency.

The wording on the storefront and the product descriptions can be written in multiple languages in order to allow your customers to dynamically switch to the language of their choice, or for you to automatically present them with the correct language based on their region. The language of the administration application may be changed dynamically by selecting the appropriate language from a drop list.

The KonaKart database supports different currencies and all of the local information required to display the currencies correctly on the screen. A default currency may be configured by the administrator.
A customer using the storefront application, may dynamically switch between different currencies.

For those of you that need to set up more than one on line store, KonaKart provides advanced multi-store functionality to enable you to run your stores from a single KonaKart deployment and a single database.

If your stores are part of a shopping mall, KonaKart can be configured to allow all stores to share customer data and to allow product searches between stores.
Alternatively, you may be a multinational company setting up stores in different countries selling the same products. KonaKart allows you to share products between stores so that they don’t have to be maintained in multiple locations. In this mode, the products may be given different prices depending on which store they are displayed in.

The administration application allows a super user to create a store and then create a store administrator role so that when the store administrator logs into the administration application, he can only administer the store that has been assigned to him. New stores may even be created by cloning existing stores in order to save time configuring common set-up data.

KonaKart allows vendors to manage their own products and orders through the Admin App. The storefront application displays products from all vendors and allows the customer to checkout with any selection of products in a single order.

During the checkout process the products are grouped by vendor and the customer may select the appropriate shipping method for each vendor store from a list of those made available. Once the order has been confirmed by the customer, it is automatically split up so that each vendor receives an order for his own products. As the products are shipped by the vendor, the status of the vendor order (and maybe tracking number) is propagated to the parent order so that the customer only ever sees a single order with a history trail of events that occur during the lifecycle of the order.

Flexible integration with ERP systems
The Enterprise version of KonaKart provides features for integration with an ERP system by exchanging XML messages on a message queue (Apache MQ is bundled with KonaKart to support this feature). All of the key integration points are supported between KonaKart and the ERP system and vice versa.

Modular Architecture:
KonaKart implements a modular architecture that can accommodate any type of payment, shipping or promotion module.

There are hundreds of different payment gateways which you could choose for your on line store, so we designed KonaKart to be able to accommodate different payment modules in order to interface to the payment gateway that you select.
The standard KonaKart download package already includes modules (including source code) to interface to quite a number of payment gateways. Should you require a module that isn’t currently available, you may develop it in house, following our example tutorial or you may delegate the task to a KonaKart solution provider or directly to KonaKart professional services.

Recurring Billing
KonaKart provides support for recurring billing which may be implemented in one of two alternate ways. The actual payment transactions may be performed by a payment gateway that supports recurring billing, or they may be performed by a KonaKart batch program, that interfaces with the payment gateway to make the regular payments.

Real time credit card refunds through the payment gateway can be managed from the KonaKart Admin App. You can also insert, edit and delete refund information in the database.

We understand that shipping is fundamental to the success of an on line store and so we designed KonaKart to easily accommodate whatever shipping algorithm works for your business.
KonaKart can retrieve quotes from providers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS etc. and also ships with a variety of shipping modules that implement algorithms such as:

  • Calculation of shipping charge based on weight, price and destination.
  • Free shipping based on order amount and destination.
  • Free shipping on a product by product basis.
  • The disabling of one or more shipping services based on a zone basis. i.e. You don’t allow the customer to select overnight shipping if the delivery destination is to the other side of the world.


Promotions and marketing are of paramount importance for a modern e-commerce system. KonaKart comes with a variety of promotion modules but also gives you peace of mind knowing that at a later stage you can add a new module containing any promotion algorithm that your marketing team comes up with.
KonaKart allows you to apply customer segmentation based on any combination of customer information and this segmentation may be applied to the promotions in order to target them to the desired set of customers.

The aim of KonaKart is to make your business a success and then to help you improve on that success by allowing you to manage a high traffic on line store with tens or hundreds of thousands of products. It includes an indexed search engine for lightning fast searches including suggested search and fuzzy searches.

One way that a customer perceives performance is through fast UI response times. In order to maximize the available resources, we take care in caching data where appropriate at multiple levels within the application. Another performance factor is robustness so that your store experiences as little down time as possible and behaves as you would expect it to, regardless of the load. Our underlying technology is based on Java which is the technology being used by thousands of enterprise applications all over the world, on a daily basis.

A typical KonaKart installation consists of a couple of application servers providing load balancing and failover. KonaKart is easy to replicate using industry standard load balancing techniques and the number of replicates can grow in parallel with your business growth. KonaKart software resides on the application servers. Each physical application server may contain multiple instances of KonaKart.
Each instance of KonaKart can communicate with other applications through a SOAP Web Service, RMI interface or JSON. All application servers must point to the same database server which can be a cluster to provide fault tolerance.

Shopping Widgets
Product widgets are widgets that can be easily embedded into social networks such as Facebook and blogs by inserting a few lines of JavaScript. They allow you to market your products on other web sites and so to reach a wider audience.
Compared to a simple banner, a product widget uses live store-front data and so always displays updated prices and product reviews. It allows the customer to manage his cart and only transfers control to the store-front when the customer is ready to checkout.
An affiliate code may be added to the widget in order to reward affiliate partners. When a customer checks out from the widget, the affiliate code is saved on the order.

Java technology’s versatility, efficiency, platform portability, and security make it the ideal technology for network computing.

KonaKart can be deployed on most servlet engines/application servers including JBOSS, GlassFish, Wildfly, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere. It is shipped with Apache Tomcat.
Thanks to its underlying technology, KonaKart can support most popular databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL Server. Database scripts are provided for all of the above databases in the installation package.