Resources Forecast

Artificial Intelligence at the service of planning

Forecast your business’ future!

Rapid choices and flexible structure: reconciling work organization with demand is a strategic challenge for all organizations as it defines their real capacity to compete on today's market. However, calculating the right size of resources to ensure correct fulfillment of working activities, quality of output and observance of restrictions can be complex. 

Here is where Zucchetti's solutiont comes in handy. ZForecast is an adaptive, intelligent system that thanks to its self-learning capacity, answers the needs for a constantly changing process such as workforce management. This is thanks to the innovative application of artificial intelligence that analyzes workflows, combines historical data and takes into account organization volatility, working with a precise forecast algorithm for each type of business and for each sector.

Overstaffing or understaffing? Goodbye!

ZForecast allows you to have a constant forecast of demand to adapt the resources to be used in the various activities.

  • Better organization and workloads
  • Better output and service level
  • High productivity levels
  • Better employee satisfaction
  • Reduction in waste and costs

A curve at a quick glance 
The graphic interface of the demand curve makes process results intuitive, separating historical data, forecasts and corrections based on actual data. The graph therefore is a useful tool not just for planning, but also for the immediate representation of the historical data, performance analysis and trend forecasts.

Each manager has a clear view of the situation
Thanks to web technology, Zucchetti's ZForecast software functions and the updated demand curve can be shared with individual managers, who will be constantly updated on planning of the workforce they manage, even if spread around different sectors, premises or sales points that are geographically distant.

Forecast to organize 
The result of the forecast is used by the system to define the correct size of the workforce, the number of resources to allocate for each working day, organizational unit and period of time. ZForecast can feed the shift management software for correct staff planning. The data created by the system can be adapted by the manager who can intervene to change the data according to specific planning needs

ZForecast can be easily integrated with:

ZSchedulingShift management and planning software, based on company demands and need for cover in departments, setting working hours, service standards and required skills. This brings about a rational, homogeneous organization of workshifts, attributing workloads in a practical manner and considerably reducing the use of overtime and on-call availability.

Staff budget and costsSoftware for managing and monitoring staff costs that simplifies budgeting and monitoring activities for the various items of cost, correlating over time with company phenomena that have generated it (labor cost projection, recruitments, terminations, remuneration policies, internal mobility, absenteeism, etc).

Solutions for the HORECA sector. Management software solutions and multi-functional tills which provide reports and analysis of turnover and sales and that facilitate precise planning, allowing, for example, promotions and special offers to be designed, controlled and run in a targeted manner.