Reward Your Customers!

Multichannel loyalty
The competitiveness and quality of restaurant chains and outlets depend on an optimal management of the cash point and original and affordable offers, aimed at customer loyalty. For this reason TCPOS allows you to configure all possible promotion sets, organize points campaigns, create gift cards and discount coupons, and manage agreements, tailored to different categories of customers.

Complete loyalty
Management of all the types of loyalty cards. Prepaid cards are rechargeable and compatible with all payment methods.


Upgrade your user base by attracting new customers with competitive offers and getting the maximum business return for your company.

Data centralization

From your headquarters you can program promotional campaigns or points for a specified period or business region.

Printed & virtual vouchers

Reward your customers with gift cards and discounts by printing vouchers or by sending coupons to their smartphone.

Customer card registration system
If your company provides customer cards, TCPOS is the right solution for you.Whether it is prepaid, on credit, identification or in "mixed" mode, with TCPOS you can manage each type of card, which can be used for payment transactions, regardless of the type of support used for their reading.

Promotional campaigns for all tastes
If you manage a supermarket, a shop, or a restaurant chain, with TCPOS it will be easy for you to organize promotional campaigns. Promotions are intuitive to learn and in less than no time, all cash registers will recognize and automatically apply discounts on products sold according to the set rules, with no stress for your staff.

Customized sales conditions
Thanks to the Subsidies module, you can configure custom terms and conditions that allow the application of specific product price lists and discounts to the customer's (or registered company) account.When the registered user pays at the checkout with his card, the advantages are recognized and enforced automatically. Transactions thus become faster, increasing the benefits and customer loyalty.

Reward your customers
Points Management, helps you to invite your customers to come back and buy additional products. Thanks to points collection programs and an effective loyalty points management system, you can organize and increase customer retention, and through evermore more targeted, affordable, and competitive promotional campaigns, motivate customers to make additional purchases.

Gift cards & discounts
Invite your customers to experience your shop or restaurant with enthusiasm by regularly launching new initiatives. With TCPOS Voucher, you can add coupons to your promotional campaigns, and increase the interest of your customers and their loyalty by directly printing on the till, using pre-printed or virtual vouchers.