Guardian Ticket Reader

GUARDIAN is the only intelligent access control terminal designed to control gates and entry points to venues subject to heavy influx of people, such as stadiums, sport centers, arenas, trade fairs and so on.

GUARDIAN is equipped with:

  • an open PC-based system, fitted with cutting edge expandable memory and an INTEL ATOM processor;
  • absolute reliability: external components, including display, entirely infiltration-proof and with weatherability properties;
  • reading capacity of all types of tickets and subscription badges available on the market: barcode, proximity and magnetic badges;
  • colour graphics display, both on the user side and on the steward side, which improves the system communication with the employees in charge with security and with the fans as well.
Each GUARDIAN terminal is managed remotely through the access control software installed on the central server of the facility: in fact, thanks to the identification IP address assigned to each GUARDIAN, it is able to manage all entrances. The centre-network communication is performed online, therefore the same software will check the validity of the pass (ticket, badge) in real time. 

GUARDIAN, the intelligent and PC-based device, can store the lists of the users allowed to access a certain sector (white list) or the list of individuals that are not allowed to access a certain sector (black list).
Consequently, also in case of failed connection between the central system and GUARDIAN, the latter can distinguish whether the pass is valid or not querying the stored white list/black list. In this case, GUARDIAN operates automatically in offline mode, until the reconnection with the central system is established.