Access Control System

If you, operator, need to handle events with a large number of visitors, for example big venues with a massive number of entrances, with VIP, guest areas and disabled access gates, you know that the safety of people and environment begins at the entrance.

Zucchetti's Access and Security System always guarantees control, even in case of temporary or total disconnection of data, thanks to an access management software controlling an automated structure of full height turnstiles, tripod gates and wireless palmtops, together with Guardian, a PC based multi-ticketing card reader (barcode, proximity and magnetic) equipped with a multi-colour graphic 10’’ bright display that fosters communication between users and security officers, where you can also upload commercials and promotional marketing messages for fans.

When it is not possible to have a wired network infrastructure, like in smaller venues or concert arenas, Zucchetti offers you a centralized access control.

Fans with all types of tickets and season cards (print@home and electronic tickets too) can easily access the venue thanks to the combined technologies of barcode and RFID Proximity, through gates, full height turnstiles, swing gates or simple handheld terminals. 

The identification of mobile tickets, during the event, is performed by cutting-edge palmtops (WiFi, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS) that are able to exchange information with the Central Access Control software in real time. The web-based issuing ticketing system can forward all the event tickets in XML format to the Central Access Control software installed in Zucchetti Datacenter. Several issuing systems will be able to supply simultaneously, and in real time, lists of users for the same event to which the access is allowed (white list) or denied for a certain sector (black list).