XAtlas Software

Manage any type of Reader, Entrance and Access Credential

XAtlas, the Zucchetti Access Control software, is a single modular software application that is scalable in relation to the size of the company and the desired functions, making it possible to create:

  • a single-application Access Control system;
  • an integrated security system, including Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance applications for real-time supervision and monitoring of environment and people.
  • a large security and time management system managing hundreds of terminals and doors in a system architecture perfectly compliant with corporate policies in terms of network security and data integrity.

To best fit the different needs of many users Access Control solution XAtlas is available in three different versions: Centralized, Distributed, Enterprise.

Easy to install
Zucchetti Axess software is easy to install and implement. When a dedicated server is required, all the software needed for the system operation is installed on an appliance server ready for connection to the company network. Just log on to any PC with a browser to start operating immediately.

The software adaptability facilitates its installation on non-dedicated PCs and on industrial servers, even incluster configuration. XAtlas Software is always installed including all modules. To activate the various functions you simply request an update of the software installation key.

Multi-platform and multi-database
The communications, database, and operating systems used are all based on Information & Communication Technology Standards. The Access Control system can integrate any third-party reader (wiegand, OSDP, RS232, etc.) and manage decodification appropriately. In the same way, it is possible to integrate any type of automation including electrical doors, gates, mobile bollards and turnstiles. The vital parameters of each of these items are managed, so that it is necessary and sufficient to manage intrinsic security of the installed item.