Employee Dossier

The Web HR Management system allows, through an individual information record, monitoring the professional development, salary, training and assessment of each collaborator. The record can also be accessed by managers directly from the HR portal. The various sections are configurable and access to the information is governed by defined security groups. 

The “Employee Dossier” allows collecting the information stored in the various applications into a real information dossier that can be configured and printed. The Dossier is divided in the following sections:

  • Photo and identification data;
  • Contractual data: hiring, termination, nature of relationship, part-time %, etc.
  • History of changes in qualification and level;
  • History of positions held and company transfers with indication of the reference manager;
  • Last salary situation with details of the salary highlighting deviations in the last five years (from 31/12);
  • History (with depth definable by the Company) of salaries paid: one-off payments, incentives, awards, bonuses, merit increases, CCNL increases, advancements;
  • Display of future salary actions approved;
  • Annual progressions of the last five years for monitoring overtime, allowances, absences, etc.
  • Benefits and equipment supplied: car, accommodation, mobile phone, notebook, etc.
  • Deviation from the internal salary band and/or reference market;
  • History of training courses;
  • History of assessments;
  • Online CV in European format;
  • History of disciplinary measures;
  • Willingness to travel;
  • Holiday situation, A.P. and A.C. rol
  • Warning: to highlight personnel who have been absent for a long time or whose indicators are outside the norm managed in the section of salary progressions and absenteeism.

 A printing function allows creating the individual summary file by generating a PDF file, and selecting the sections of interest. 

The software allows you to analyse all data and processes with a series of immediate and punctual Analytics reports. Save time and make strategic and operative decisions having everything under control.

The HR Analytics reports that are immediately available are:

  • Training  Extract of Training Activities and course statistics.
  • Participants and Instructors  Extract of Participants and Instructors in Training Activities presented in a pivot table.
  • Wages  Extract of data concerning wages presented in tables/graphs.