Human Resources Organization Chart

Proper management of the company organization chart is essential for good Human Resources management.

This is why all Zucchetti Infinity HR software solutions share the common function to manage the organization chart in a simple and intuitive way, which is very important in order to:

  • graphically represent and share organizational units and hierarchical and functional reporting;
  • associate company personnel with the different units;
  • identify where employees are located;
  • support decisions in terms of planned and actual workforce levels or long-term replacements;
  • export and print the company structure.

Moreover, as part of the Zucchetti Infinity platform, common to all software solutions, the Human Resources Organization Chart is the point of reference for the automatic generation of user profiles (Employees, Managers, HR Dept. Users, etc.) and for the construction of approval flows.
In this way, in all Zucchetti HCM and Infinity HR platform software solutions, automatic notification flows, control dashboards and rules based on the corporate organizational chart increase the efficiency and coordination of every HR management process.

Human Resources Organization Chart allows the company to create, modify and export the organization chart with a flexible and customized approach according to the organizational structure.
It also integrates with Microsoft Office Visio to structure visual organization charts: thanks to a default template, you can import the data entered in the Zucchetti Infinity platform to automatically create your own customizable organization chart which is exportable in .pdf and .html format.