Organisation of areas and timetables

EasyAcademy is Zucchetti solution for the organisation of course, schedules and the management of the lecture rooms in the University Institutes. This solution makes it possible to resolve all the problems connected with the planning of lecture timetables, exam session schedules and the management of lecture rooms and laboratories.

EasyAcademy can respond efficiently to all of the university's organisational needs, because its development is the fruit of the cooperation of university lecturers and skilled researchers at the cutting edge of operations research. Through one single interface with profile-based access, all University users can access all the services provided for them in a personalised manner.

Thanks to the EasyCourse, EasyTest and EasyRoom modules, the schedules for the university courses on offer can be managed in relation to the areas available. All the modules that compose EasyAcademy can be used via web, granting the access to the solutions from any web connected location and the sharing of the information among the system administrators. And with EasyAPP mobile application, you've got all the schedules in your pocket! 

EasyAcademy, the best solution for organisation of areas and timetables.  

EasyAcademy is integrated with the most common platforms for information management used by the Italian universities. Thanks to the integrations obtained through the use of the web-services, the EasyAcademy modules can easily interact with:

  • IT solutions for the teachers' registries management;
  • single sign-on systems in order to have a unique access to the IT academy platforms;
  • database with information regarding the teaching program;
  • softwares to manage the assignments of the teaching activities in the university classrooms.

The integrations with the most common academic software solutions are important both to recover all the professors' data (addresses, e-mails, telephone numbers, etc.) and the didactic programs (teaching activities, curricula, etc.) as well as to download automatically the solutions developed by the EasyAcademy module, like timetables and exam calendars, on to the space management systems of the university.

All the modules that compose EasyAcademy can be used via web, granting the access to the solutions from any web connected location and the sharing of the information among the system administrators.
The use of EasyAcademy modules allows both to drastically reduce the workload of the staff responsible for the didactic activities and to find quick solutions, consistent with the faculty requirements.

Our software for the automatic generation of classes timetables, EasyCourse combines the efficiency and the rapidity of a solver based on local research algorithms to the simplicity of use of a swift and intuitive user web interface.

IT solution for the automatic generation of the exams' calendars, EasyTest helps the students to blend their agenda with the availability of professors and faculty classrooms.

IT solution for the efficient and balanced management of graduation sessions. EasyThesis allows you to assign correctly the students in the sessions and generates commissions based on the degree of availability and historical presence of the professors.

Our software solution for managing all of the academy space resources, EasyRoom has the flexibility to be employed also in many other different contexts.

Our brand new mobile application, EasyApp has been developed in order to help students and professors to obtain the information concerning classes and timetables.

Solution for monitoring students' attendance in the classrooms. With a minimalist and intuitive portal, EasyBadge provides control of students' frequency of attendance at courses required by fast and safe systems of detection of his presence in the classroom.

Module for the University staff missions management. The controls and reimbursement of the mission is managed by a web portal that thanks to the integrations with other university systems, shows and pre-fills data of teachers and their associated projects.