Recreational Facilities

For the management of sport and wellness

Gymgest is an integrated hardware and software system for sport and wellness centers, that simplifies operational management and improves organization of resources, optimizing all programming, management, and operations control.

A complete solution for computer-based information management systems in companies that are sport, fitness, wellness, aesthetics, rehabilitation, or leisure service providers. Gymgest's modular structure makes it a flexible solution, adaptable to a company's specific requirements since the company can personalize the system and effect any follow-up implementations based on its needs.

Gymgest is available in five different suites: 

  • My Well, for wellness centers;
  • My Swim, for swimming centers;
  • My SPA, for spas;
  • My Beauty, for beauty centers;
  • My Resort, for multipurpose facilities.

Gymgest is the solution for the complete automation of Your facility through the integration of software components with hardware tools, specifically designed to respond effectively to the needs of managing gyms, swimming pools, spas, and wellness centres.

Access control readers
The most up-to-date technology is used in these readers -such as proximity wireless- that combines robustness with elegant design. A mix of aesthetic-pleasing, practicality, and functionality.

'Hands free' aerial
Composed of a 60x90 cm panel connected before the access control that allows the transponder to be read at a greater distance than the standard aerial, and specifically up to 50 cm for 'card' formatted transponders.

'Catch tag' machine
This reads any type of transponder and if necessary facilitates its recovery. Above all, used in recovery during output from the transponder given to the occasional user, it discriminates automatically between subscribers and occasional users.

For lockers and boxes, it removes the need for keys and padlocks. Absolutely safe, battery powered, and fully automatic, a locker can be assigned to the customer for his or her exclusive use.

Devices for automatic access control or to activate equipment inside the center. They can be supplied as key rings -useful in fitness centers- as wrist bands similar to wrist watches, suitable for swimming pools, saunas, and for electronic locking of lockers, and as cards that can be read up to 50 cm away without radio frequency disturbance. They can be personalized with different colors, markings, and logos.

In providing a complete system of access control, Gymgest's access control software module is integrated with turnstiles composed of rotors and mechanical gates. The high degree of technological functionality combined with an attractive design using high quality materials make this the best in access control barriers.

Both Gymgest's software and hardware components are part of a modular system. That means various operational areas can be managed automatically.

Customer relations Area
Relations between the customer and the organization's operators can be managed and monitored thanks to automated marketing programs, SMS/e-mail functions, and Totem information points.

Management Area
Planning courses, Rechargeable money card and Gift card, Management of points of sale, Ticketing using the card, E-commerce, and Revenue sharing.

Booking Area
To manage collective activities subject to bookings and with limited availability of places, one to one bookings (aesthetic treatments, rehabilitation).

Control Area
Together with the hardware devices (based on wireless technology), this software solution controls access and the movements of all users duly registered in the organization, including occasional users.

Access Control System at the seaside