Zucchetti Spain Marks 30 Years of Innovation with Ambitious Expansion Plans

At ECCO 2024, the company unveils its future-focused strategy for continued growth in the software industry.

Zucchetti Spain continues with the strategy of growth and investment in the development of innovative solutions adapted to the future that has marked its entire trajectory. This has been reflected in ECCO 2024, the annual meeting with the distributors of its Partner Channel, where the foundations have been laid to continue delving into the company's decisive role as a solid and reliable software manufacturer.

The main role of this event has undoubtedly been Solmicro ERP and the celebration of its anniversary under the slogan "Solmicro ERP, 30 years reaping successes. Zucchetti Spain, + 35 years innovating and growing with you". Solmicro ERP, Byte Award 2023 for the best Business Management software, stands out for its intuitive and customizable interface, its great flexibility, its easy migrations and its ability to integrate with other software solutions.

ECCO 2024, which took place on May 16 at the facilities of the emblematic Bodegas Vivanco and the Wine Culture Museum, was a great opportunity to showcase the company's new products and share the company's different strategies with the channel. In addition, a chapter has been dedicated to show iArchiva, the state-of-the-art document automation solution of the latest company acquired by Zucchetti Spain, as well as the Solmicro Digital Hub  platform for online procedures of companies with the public administration. 

Specialization and growth. Zucchetti Spain's Ecosystem for Digital Transformation
The foundations for the future of Zucchetti Spain in 2024 will be marked by its efforts in technological surveillance and innovation in specialized solutions. The company's goal is to continue expanding and strengthening its offering of software tools to provide its channel with the most complete and cutting-edge ecosystem on the market. A key strategy for its Distributors to be able to offer their customers comprehensive solutions for more efficient, automated and intelligent management.

The solvency and reliability provided by the Zucchetti Group, the leading technology multinational in Europe and leader in Italy, together with the close and personalized treatment of the channel and support team of Zucchetti Spain, allows its certified partners to offer their customers the most advanced software solutions.

"Thirty years later, we are still firmly committed to our Partner Channel as a means of providing a professional, close and personalized service in each implementation. We take the utmost care of each distributor, establish relationships of trust and generate synergies in a project for the future that we share with our channel." Justino Martínez Salinas, CEO of Zucchetti Spain.

ECCO 2024 highlighted the manufacturer's commitment to constant innovation and the development of a complete ecosystem of highly cutting-edge software tools, aimed at meeting all the needs involved in the digital transformation of companies. An offer that ranges from its historical Solmicro ERP management software in its generalist version and its vertical developments, its BI, MES and production planning solutions, its comprehensive HR, mobility and payroll management software, POS software for the HORECA and retail channel, software for consultancies and offices, document automation or cybersecurity solutions. 

Zucchetti Spain Awards to the Most Outstanding Distributors of 2023
As has become tradition, within the framework of ECCO 2024 Zucchetti Spain has presented the awards to the most outstanding distributors of 2023. This year the awards have gone to COBERTEC "Award for the best Zucchetti Distributor in Spain in 2023", and ATE Informática Award for the "Most active Zucchetti Spain Distributor in 2023".

Solidarity in a Reward that Rewards Loyalty
Also this year, on the occasion of the XXX Anniversary of Solmicro ERP, Zucchetti Spain has awarded a special recognition to its distributor Ibis Computer, the "Jaime Lafita Loyalty Award". An award that highlights the commitment and trust of Jaime Lafita, one of Solmicro's first customers, and Ibis Computer, one of the company's historic and most prominent partners.

This award is accompanied by a donation from Zucchetti Spain to the DalecandELA Foundation promoted by Jaime Lafita, who suffers from ALS and is committed to giving maximum visibility and raising funds for research in the fight against the disease, and supporting those who suffer from it. Zucchetti Spain thus maintains its commitment to raising funds for ALS research.

ECCO 2024, which concluded with a visit to the renowned Museum of Wine Culture, was attended by notable personalities from the Zucchetti Group at an international level, such as Paolo Susani, Commercial Director of the Zucchetti Group and Nadir Azam, Director of the International Partner Ecosystem of the Zucchetti Group. It was also attended by the company's CEO, Justino Martínez, and the Director of its Partner Channel, Joseba Marcos, who hosted the conference.