Zucchetti Achieves Gender Equality Certification

A significant yet anticipated achievement: for several years, the company, a leader in the IT sector, has been promoting policies in favor of inclusion and equality. Women constitute 42% of the company, which is 11% higher than the average in the IT sector.

In 2023, Zucchetti obtained the Gender Equality Certification in accordance with the Uni/Pdr 125:2022 standard, the sole standard in Italy for gender equality. This certification acknowledges the company's commitment to promoting cultural change in support of diversity and inclusion. Zucchetti's proactive approach preceded national directives, aiming to "accompany and encourage companies to adopt suitable policies to reduce the gender gap in areas critical to women's professional growth."

In Italy, the certification can only be issued by entities accredited by Accredia, the national accreditation body appointed by the Italian Government, tasked with verifying the competence, independence, and impartiality of certification and verification bodies.

Zucchetti, a wholly Italian-owned company, is a leader in the IT sector with an expected turnover of over 2 billion euros in 2023. The company has experienced substantial growth in all business areas, supported by 2,000 active partners in Italy and abroad. Established in 1978 by Mino Zucchetti, the company has maintained a long-term vision and a commitment to being an entrepreneurial excellence in harmony with a sustainable development strategy that prioritizes the well-being of those contributing to the company's productivity and success daily. Zucchetti has once again been recognized in Italy's Best Employers list, featuring the top 450 Italian companies praised as the best employers by their employees.

Zucchetti employs over 8,000 people (6,800 in Italy and 1,200 abroad), and for over forty-five years, the company has been dedicated to creating a corporate environment that values diversity and inclusion.

Cristina Zucchetti, President of Zucchetti Group, states, "We need to work with commitment and conviction to create a real situation in favor of inclusion and equal treatment without gender discrimination." Zucchetti has ingrained inclusivity since its foundation, choosing two women as responsible for the initial solutions developed for managing accountants' offices and payroll processing. The company has consistently formed mixed-gender work teams to leverage diversity for the generation of innovative ideas, aligning with their purpose: 'We innovate to improve your life.'

Today, women represent 42% of the workforce compared to the 31% industry average in the IT sector. While pleased with this figure, Zucchetti aims to increase it further by attracting more female candidates with the technical and digital skills they seek. The company has been actively promoting awareness actions to encourage women to pursue STEM disciplines and has observed recent improvements in digital consulting.

Zucchetti's commitment to inclusivity extends across various areas, including people caring services. Both mothers and fathers at Zucchetti can find valuable support for parenting. Additionally, flexible working hours, hybrid work arrangements, and other services for work-family balance are provided to foster serenity and well-being. This is fundamentally a cultural change rooted in the company's values. The journey does not end here, as Zucchetti has embraced significant stimuli to excel further in the coming year when the Gender Equality Certification is renewed.

[PHOTO: Zucchetti's Gender Equality Committee. From left: Mario Brocca, Alessia Spelta, Francesca Guerini Rocco, Cristina Zucchetti, Katia Fabene, Luca Marchitelli]