World-Renowned Mathematician Alfio Quarteroni Becomes President of The Zucchetti Scientific Committee.

His role will be to promote knowledge and dissemination of the benefits and impacts of Artificial Intelligence in the field of ICT, both within Zucchetti and towards the market.

Alfio Quarteroni, ranked first among all Italian mathematicians and in the Engineering and Technology sector in Italy, according to rankings published on in 2022 and 2023 respectively, has decided to collaborate with the first Italian software group as President of the Zucchetti Scientific Committee, established in April 2023.

Quarteroni will be responsible for promoting knowledge and dissemination of the benefits and impacts of artificial intelligence (machine learning, neural networks, etc.), data science, and other prospective and research technologies in the field of ICT, both within Zucchetti and towards the external market, as well as identifying potential application areas of AI and future industry trends on the group's solution offerings.

Alessandro Zucchetti (left in the photo), President of Zucchetti, said: "We are truly proud that Alfio Quarteroni, one of the world's most renowned mathematicians, has agreed to share his extraordinary scientific expertise with us and to work synergistically with our Digital Innovation Lab, as well as with the business units and companies of the group to develop specific projects and initiatives aimed at integrating AI-based technologies into the Zucchetti application offering. The Scientific Committee will allow us to look more closely at research funding opportunities offered by the current regulatory framework, PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) in particular, evaluating and directing any investments for development."

Alfio Quarteroni (right in the photo), President of the Zucchetti Scientific Committee, said: "I am very happy to take on this new professional challenge because I am convinced that an effective synergy between academic knowledge and business experience in the field of artificial intelligence can bring great benefits to the growth of the country's system. I have already experienced this in various projects carried out by Moxoff, a group company that develops software based on machine learning algorithms and mathematical models that enable companies to optimize their processes and products, to seize new business opportunities. Expectations for the Scientific Committee are very high, as is normal for an IT market leader like Zucchetti. In addition to my commitment and sharing of my scientific knowledge, I can assure you that this organization will operate according to ethical principles of transparency, inclusion, responsibility, impartiality, reliability, security, and privacy that have always characterized my activity and that of Zucchetti."