Zucchetti Spain Outlines Future Strategy In Software Market

Expansion, innovation, service and the broadest portfolio of solutions in the market are some of these strategic pillars

Bilbao, 23 May 2022 | Zucchetti Spain, a leading manufacturer in the IT sector at national level, brought together its entire workforce of 280 people at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao on Friday 20 May to present the strategic agenda of its future project.

This event, of great importance for Zucchetti Spain's expansion strategy, was of a very special nature as, after its postponement due to the Covid-19 situation, it allowed the entire workforce, which is located in different work centres throughout Spain, to meet up again.

On Friday 20th May, the "Zucchetti Spain 2022 Meeting: Navigating towards the future" was held, at which the organisation's strategic lines were outlined.

The event took place at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao and was attended by Dirk Schwindling, Executive Vice President of Zucchetti World Business Operations, as well as the entire Zucchetti Spain workforce of more than 280 employees.

Expansion, innovation, new solutions and service to customers and distributors, the strategic lines for the future.

The need to adapt to competitive and highly uncertain environments, especially after Covid-19 and the drive towards digital transformation in companies, set the direction to be able to continue offering the most cutting-edge solutions on the market. Technological advances highlight the need for constant updating, which is vital for the strategic development of companies in order to avoid being left behind in the face of the speed at which changes occur.

Justino Martínez Salinas, CEO of Zucchetti Spain, presented the different axes of the organisational project that seek to respond to these new business needs and that set the guidelines for a project that continues to grow throughout the country, thanks to the expansion strategy carried out by the Zucchetti Group. "Zucchetti Spain's determination to continue growing and strengthening our position in the Spanish market is firm", said Justino Martínez to all those present.

These pillars, on which the entire Zucchetti Spain organisational project rests, are: people, a key factor on which the entire strategy is based, innovation and R&D&I applied to each solution, the incorporation of new solutions to continue completing the wider portfolio, and occupying relevant positions in different market segments such as small and medium-sized companies in ERP, HR or POS software in the HORECA sector. Another pillar to be strengthened is the value of the Zucchetti Spain brand.

The event was also attended by Dirk Schwindling, Executive Vice President of Zucchetti WBO, who presented Zucchetti Spain as an example of "Best Practice" within the group's international strategy. Schwindling highlighted the strategic role that Zucchetti Spain plays in Zucchetti's international universe, occupying the second position by revenue, very close to the first, Germany, and for being very active in incorporating and promoting products from the international portfolio, some of which are already well established, such as the HR suite Zucchetti HR. He also highlighted the capacity and autonomy to continue developing new functionalities in the ERP management software in the national R&D&I centres.

New proposals from Zucchetti Spain
The event also presented the new product lines that have already begun to be marketed in the Spanish market, including ERP software solutions in the cloud, POS software to facilitate the transformation of the HORECA sector with solutions for companies of all sizes, HR mobility solutions, such as travel and travel expense management or company fleets, intelligent workspace management solutions or security and access control solutions.

"All these solutions complete and reaffirm that we have the broadest portfolio of management solutions on the market, and demonstrate our commitment to continue enriching it," concludes Justino Martínez