DVSI HumanSourcing Merges With Zucchetti France

On 14 April 2021, the Zucchetti Group (leading Italian software provider) acquires Lyon-based company DVSI, founder of HumanSourcing. One year later, DVSI and the group's French subsidiary, Zucchetti France, announce their own merger!

This merger comes to further strengthen the presence of Zucchetti France, the group's subsidiary, across the country offering well-established HR tools in addition to its range of software solutions.

In 2021, the Zucchetti Group recorded a turnover of more than 1 billion Euro, 700.000 + customers, 8,000 employees and a presence in most European countries as well as the United States. With this merger, the group establishes its presence in France by adding a dedicated HR solutions division to its POS (Point Of Sale), Property Management Service, and Booking software solutions for the hospitality sector - all already marketed and deployed by its subsidiary, Zucchetti France.

Zucchetti France benefits from this merger by extending its presence in France as far as the Lyon region. Its new offices located at 34 route de Saint Romain – 69450 in Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or is where the group's HR software solutions division will shine.

The acquisition of HumanSourcing reiterates the Zucchetti Group’s conviction that many companies in France, and starting with its existing customers, can improve their human resources management thanks to the most value-driven suite of HR applications on the market and particularly via In-recruiting (https://www.in-recruiting.com/fr/), the next-generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offering optimal candidate management, and to which all HumanSourcing customers will be able to migrate.

For Dirk Schwindling, International Executive Vice President of Zucchetti, “HumanSourcing's contribution to the group's solutions offers companies a dedicated team of HR professionals who will listen, understand and guide them towards defining the most appropriate processes for their business.”

According to Frédéric Gilliard, Managing Director of Zucchetti France, “This merger confirms Zucchetti’s objectives in France - business development focusing on the various software solutions of the Zucchetti Group. HR solutions are only one of our strong service pillars and thanks to the expertise and presence of our teams in Lyon, we are turning a new page in the growth journey of Zucchetti France.” 

For Nicolas Barbereau, Director of HR Operations France and Founder of HumanSourcing, “This merger sees the union finalised a year ago between our two companies come to fruition, and for this, we are extremely proud. Daily collaborations together with a wealth of human, organisational and technological discoveries allow the sales branch that markets the group's HR products to evolve significantly by offering solutions (with more than 60 software solutions), services and innovation!”