Driving the Revolution in Human Talent Management

Zucchetti Spain participates in Factor Humano Congress and Finance Meeting 2021

Leading HR management software manufacturer Zucchetti Spain sponsored and participated with its own booth at both of these leading congresses.
Zucchetti Spain's HR Mobility Division Director, Joaquín Lasheras, led a panel discussion at Finance Meeting 2021 on the competitive advantages of automating financial processes.

Zucchetti Spain helps rethink and empower the future of human resource management
Zucchetti Spain participated as a sponsor of the event and was present with a stand at the exhibition fair of the Human Factor Congress, organized by iFAES, which this year brought together more than 80 speakers, prestigious experts in the field and from various business sectors.

The main theme of the event was "Rethinking the future of human talent today". The main topics discussed at the Human Factor 2021 Congress were: competencies, reskilling and talent; employee well-being, attraction and motivation; equality, flexibility and compensation; and people analytics and the culture of engagement in companies.
Heads of the Zucchetti HR team, the brand that encompasses the entire range of Zucchetti solutions for human resources management, presented the latest trends and solutions in this area at the Zucchetti stand at the Factor Humano 2021 Congress.

This important annual meeting of HR professionals and experts highlights the challenges and trends facing the sector, with the need to enhance professional retraining, training and employee development, increase digital profiles, seek to adapt to realities such as teleworking and smart working, and implement HR software solutions.

Zucchetti HR is a platform of cutting-edge and innovative software solutions that helps companies adapt to the Human Resources Revolution and Industry 4.0. A set of strategic human resources management tools that favors the automation of processes, improving internal communication through the Employee Portal, helping to increase employee well-being, attracting, training and evaluating talent, and effectively managing budgets and personnel costs, travel expenses and company trips, workspaces, access and security... as well as optimizing the management of administrative tasks. In this way, Zucchetti HR's Human Resources management solutions act as a tool for change in organizations, helping to improve productivity and achieve the company's strategic objectives.

Process automation, a competitive advantage for corporate finances
The Finance Meeting 2021 was a networking event aimed at analyzing trends and best practices in the Finance Departments of companies. The event was held in person at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid. The main theme of the Congress was "The CFO as a leader of the digital transformation", which is reflected in the 4 challenges to exercise the financial function in companies. Strategic planning, choice of innovative technologies, internal transformation and development.

During this important congress, which counted with the participation and sponsorship of Zucchetti Spain, took place the round table moderated by Joaquín Lasheras, Director of the HR Mobility Division of Zucchetti Spain, under the title "How to make process automation a competitive advantage". Representatives from Insud Pharma Group, Sercotel Hotel Group and Ymedia participated.
Among the central points that were discussed during the interventions, the key role of the CFO in leading the digital transformation of companies was highlighted. The importance of data unification was also discussed, a critical aspect that has a powerful impact on decision making, as well as the necessary unification between the financial area and the technological area and other departments of the companies.
Another aspect that was developed during this round table was the need to "define clear and structured processes in the organizations", which is a previous step to be able to carry out the implementation of any technology.

The software manufacturer Zucchetti Spain, aware of the role that HR management software plays in the digital transformation of companies and the adaptation to the Human Revolution that the digital era represents, offers under the Zucchetti HR brand the most complete offer of HR software solutions in the market: strategic solutions, focused on unifying HR data management, where financial and training aspects, evaluation and talent attraction are integrated.
This strategic and unified approach to HR management helps to favor the relationship between company departments, contributes to the improvement of productivity and competitiveness of companies and allows to enhance employee well-being while the company adapts to the needs of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.