Zucchetti Spain analyses the role of the CEO in the digital transformation of companies

Pandemic has accelerated digitalisation in 5 years: consumer habits have changed and technologies are transforming the world we live in: people and environments are now different. Entrepreneurs are challenged to adapt to the new reality of the digital age. Because only those who are aware of these changes and embark on the path of digital transformation will be able to make the most of new technologies to be more productive and achieve better results.

The CEO's new challenge in the face of the digital transformation

Embracing the change that digitalisation implies involves drawing up a digital transformation plan that includes a total renewal of the corporate culture, the automation and streamlining of processes, the implementation of state-of-the-art software solutions with new technologies, employee training, analysis and metrics of results...

With the aim of accompanying managers and entrepreneurs on the exciting journey towards digitalisation, Zucchetti Spain today launches a new guide: "The CEO and digitalisation. The role of the CEO in the digital transformation of the company". It addresses the leadership role that the CEO must play to become the best ally of digital transformation in companies and gives the keys to how to carry out an intelligent and effective transformation, with the right advice and business software.

A guide to embarking on the road to digitisation

In its guide "The CEO and digitalisation. The role of the CEO in the digital transformation of the company", Zucchetti Spain analyses the challenges posed by digitalisation as a result of the rise of new technologies, increased competition, changes in customer behaviour and legislative changes. The leading software manufacturer focuses on the leadership role of the CEO in this process, identifies the mistakes that should be avoided and highlights the strategic importance of having cutting-edge ERP software that acts as a driver of digital transformation in companies.  The guide is now available free of charge to companies that request it at www.zucchetti.es.