Understanding and interpreting change… this is the true Human Revolution!

After weeks of waiting, the live event organised by Zucchetti, “HR! The Human Revolution, innovation for changing HR” has finally been held: an in-depth look at the challenges inherent in the future of work and technology as a strategic asset for preparing for the world of tomorrow, starting today.

Zucchetti experts Paolo Susani, Sales Director, Alberto Zoggia, HR International Pre-sales and Post-sales Manager, and Luca Stella, Innovation Manager in the HR BU, took the stage to talk about what we mean by the Human Revolution and how it represents a new approach to management of human resources.

“We have redefined our HR offering on the basis of a different perspective, creating integrated, customised application platforms covering all targets, from SMEs to multinationals, from professionals to public administration and healthcare providers,” commented Paolo Susani. “These platforms offer a single database using cloud and mobile technology, allowing us to bring an unprecedented offering to the market”.

A conscientious strategy inspired by in-depth analysis of the changes that are redefining the requirements of HR offices in companies of all kinds, now that use of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence is becoming indispensable in management of human resources. Accessible information, new ways of using office space as a place for meeting and brainstorming, attracting and motivating talent through daily listening and continuous feedback, true “smart working” in which people work to achieve targets, creating the best possible employee experience… these are the challenges facing human resources management today.

Zucchetti responds to these challenges with its Human Revolution: three platforms in a strategy that is no longer a product strategy but a precise response to the demands and specific features of the market, using innovative tools such as application of artificial intelligence to recruiting and agile working, virtual employee assistants, mobile technologies and more. Digitalization of HR processes is everywhere today, so people can use a smartphone or even a smartwatch to book a desk or meeting room in their company’s headquarters from a remote location, choose the best and most sustainable way of getting to work, encourage employees to use the new agile ways of working responsibly through use of timesheets, measure engagement of human resources, and so on. In short, a new way of working, also in response to the demands of employees, who now expect companies to offer new digital HR services just as convenient as the services they use on these devices for purposes unrelated to work.

The group’s goal is to help companies, professionals, public administrations and healthcare providers respond to change and make people the focus of their actions, with the aim of using technology to build a form of human resources management that is truly human!