Zucchetti Spain launches a guide with the keys to digitize the company during the crisis of Covid-19

The new normality, engine of the digitalization

- The health crisis we are experiencing has highlighted the urgent need to address digitalization to adapt to the new reality

- In its new guide, Zucchetti Spain analyzes how digitalization helps companies to be more flexible and act intelligently in the face of change

- The software manufacturer also provides a practical roadmap for efficiently addressing digitization

December 21, 2020 - The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 has not only affected our way of working, but it is also bringing about a real transformation in the concept of the company's organization.

If we have learned anything from this crisis, it is that new technologies are the key to being more efficient and more competitive. In a market that is changing at a rapid pace, companies must adapt if they want to continue to be successful in the future and digitalization is now an urgent need that they must face.

The new normality of teleworking, a scenario that demands new tools for digital transformation

The new situation generated by the Covid-19 has caused a real transition to a digital market model. Proof of this is that, during the pandemic, more than a third of the working population has started teleworking, when in 2019 only 5% of workers had this possibility.

Today, more than ever, it is important for companies to be able to manage and plan their resources using digital tools, and tackling digitalization is now an obligation if they want to remain competitive. Only in this way will companies be able to continue storing, classifying and processing all their information in an optimal way for better decision making based on the real data of the company, regardless of the way in which the activity of the workers is being developed.

A guide and a roadmap to address digitization

If digitalization was already a marked trend before this pandemic, now companies are more aware than ever of the need to invest in technology. Realities such as teleworking, digital management or mobility are here to stay. Today, more than ever, companies demand systems and methodologies that allow them to face these new challenges.

For this reason, Zucchetti Spain has launched a new educational guide: "Guide to boost the digitization of your company during the crisis of Covid-19", which analyzes what is digitization and what role it plays as a driver of digitization, as well as the advantages it brings to companies.

New "Guide to boosting the digitalization of your company during the Covid-19 crisis", published by Zucchetti Spain

In addition to reviewing the keys to digitizing the company, the leader of software manufacturers includes in this guide a practical Roadmap in which he reviews step by step, the phases to address the process efficiently and take advantage of all the benefits that digitization provides to companies.

The guide is now available to companies free of charge at www.zucchetti.es, while stocks last.

A project to accompany companies on their way to digital transformation

For years Zucchetti Spain has been developing its collection of Didactic Guides on IT issues, in order to inform companies about the changes that the market is experiencing and the new solutions that respond to these new challenges.

This collection already consists of twenty-one white papers, which companies can request completely free of charge through the software manufacturer's website. In addition, it complements this knowledge dissemination project with the regular publication of content on its blog