ZCS Azzurro, the first highly anticipated hybrid three-phase Inverter comes on the Photovoltaic market (PV)

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi launches and distributes ZCS Azzurro HYD20K, the hybrid three-phase Inverter, intended to revolutionize the three-phase Inverters segment

Everything is ready for the debut on the market of the first highly anticipated hybrid three-phase Inverter. Despite the cancellation of the Intersolar Exhibition 2020 in Munich because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a company leader in innovation and high-technology and, more recently, an important player in the renewable energy industry, does not give up the idea of launching the product in great style, by organizing a digital format event.

Averaldo Farri, ZCS Green Innovation Division Director, explains: “We are sure, that the relaunch of the renewable energy market is one of the strategic elements to restart our Country. We are not the only ones who see it this way; the Government also made the decision to give a strong signal, thanks to the opportunities presented by the „Decreto Rilancio“ (Restart Decree). That is why, during this particular period, we want to do our part, by organizing an unprecedented event for the Sector.”

In this regard, a live social event took place on the 18th of June. It was opened to the public on two virtual platforms (ZCS Azzurro Page on Facebook and ZCS Azzurro Channel on YouTube): the Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Green Innovation Division presented to Partners, Customers, Media and to the world of renewable energy the latest addition to the ZCS Azzurro Family, an hybrid three-phase Inverter, one of a kind.

HYD20K is the most VERSATILE hybrid three-phase Inverter: it is available in three ranges of capacity (10-15-20kW) to cover storage needs in trading and industrial areas. Full power capacity available directly from the battery, even in case of blackout, and high storage capacity make this Inverter the ideal product to ensure operation continuity and to optimize consumption.

HYD20K is the EASIEST hybrid three-phase Inverter: like every Inverter of the ZCS Azzurro series, HYD20K stands out for being easy and flexible to install: DC and AC power connections, Communication and Energy meter integrated.

HYD20K is the most POWERFUL hybrid three-phase Inverter: the possibility of parallel installation ensures the reduction of power to 130 kW, in order to use it in industrial sectors.

HYD20K is the SMARTEST hybrid three-phase Inverter:  like in every Inverter of the ZCS Azzurro Family, the system is notable for the analytical intelligence, signed by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, thanks to the possibility to access both production and storage data by using the APP or the Azzurro Portal.

HYD20K is getting ready for being the decisive solution for trading and industrial uses, for new and retrofit installations and even for isolated ones.

“We are aware and proud of being an unicum in the market of hybrid Inverters, the technological turning point in the commercial and industrial PV market segments” - Riccardo Filosa, ZCS Green Innovation Division Sales Director- “and we are enthusiastic about the restart, together with our Partners, who have great expectations about HYD20K”.

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