Zucchetti Experience 2020, an international success that starts in Spain

Over 100 of the group’s partners and companies traveled to Madrid to take part in the first big international Zucchetti meeting - Zucchetti Experience 2020 - held on the 13th and 14th of February.

For two days, Madrid’s Hotel Puerta América was transformed into the headquarters of what we could define as ‘Zucchetti international’, a place in which representatives from more or less the whole world (Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and USA) came together - proud to be part of one big group and driven by the desire to grow in unison and always do better - to define the strategies and objectives to implement a solid internationalization plan for the Zucchetti Group.

Two days of exchange and discussion with a focus on people, the group's offering for the international market, and the possibility of making space for new synergies with the distribution network. All of this took place outside of the peninsula, since the aim is to speak increasingly to the global market... and, as of today, to do so through the various different companies that operate at international level.

It all starts with strategic acquisitions abroad, followed by world-class meetings to tell everybody that Zucchetti has arrived, that the company is flourishing in Italy and wants to do so internationally. The real strength of the group lies in the fact that the solutions are developed based on Zucchetti technology and can also be seamlessly integrated with different technologies and platforms, to which all the various applications can be connected: from ERP and software for personnel management, to property management systems (PMS) to enable hotels to manage bookings, CRM, e-commerce and much more. The aim of this first major international meeting is therefore to demonstrate - to the markets in each country - the strength and completeness of an integrated software and service offering, which has already taken the Italian market by storm.

“For a number of years now, Zucchetti has been working to intensify its offering abroad. More specifically, in relation to Europe, the group’s activity has up until now been concentrated primarily in Spain, Switzerland and Germany - countries that have contributed to seeing 15% of the group’s turnover hail from abroad. The success of this first international meeting, which saw the participation of over 100 companies from all over the world, is very important to us since it represents the starting point of an internationalization process that has enormous margins for growth”, commented Enrico Itri, International COO at Zucchetti.

“We are very proud of the fact that Spain has been chosen as the ‘foothold’ for this first major international Zucchetti meeting”, explained Justino Martínez, General Manager of Zucchetti Spain. “Zucchetti Spain was established last year following the amalgamation of three leading Spanish companies in the ERP market:  Solmicro, Grupo i68 and IDS. The fact that the company, boasting 200 collaborators and 2,000 customers, is already recognized as a reference point for Zucchetti abroad is reason enough to feel satisfied, but we are convinced that we can expand even more quickly, on the one hand, by extending our presence into South America, and on the other, by broadening our product and IT service offering. With this in mind, we intend to employ additional specialized personnel to best follow the development of our solutions and projects for our customers”.