International growth for Zucchetti

Zucchetti is growing in the hospitality sector, thanks also to acquisitions of foreign companies. Its ongoing internationalization process has now added Chapp Solutions, a Spanish company based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ES).

This company makes solutions for innovative smart management of hotels and car rental businesses: a collection of products that can profoundly revolutionize the way requests, bookings and clients are managed at hotels and businesses, and all of the main “tasks” related to the world of hotel and car rental chains. Simple, intuitive PMS (Property Management System) solutions are carefully designed and based on multicloud and multidevice technology, which allows them to be used in any moment and by anybody. POK (Point of Kiosk) solutions allow the client to autonomously check into hotel rooms or book a rental car, while enjoying a practical and innovative experience in addition to much more.

“Becoming part of the Zucchetti group offers Chapp Solutions the opportunity to reach its own objectives of growth and international expansion, which have already been pursued during last year, in Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Italy, France and Peru,” said Alfredo Chiaramonte, CEO of Chapp Solutions. “In 2019, the company grew substantially, 30% more than in 2018, and the forecast for 2020 is an estimated increase of over 50%. All of this is certainly due to joining Zucchetti, but also and mainly because of the effectiveness of our solutions.”

“The PMS from Chapp Solutions (LEAN HOTEL SYSTEM) is perfectly integrated with the solution for Channel Managers, VERTICAL BOOKING,” said Angelo Guaragni, administrator of Zucchetti Hospitality. “The synergy between the two solutions guarantees that availabilities are posted in real time along with the prices of rooms for bookings. Therefore, this acquisition allows the group to present itself to the hospitality market as a single supplier of differentiated solutions that can communicate with each other perfectly and satisfy the needs of any hotel.”

“Several years ago, the Zucchetti Group initiated an important internationalization process aimed at publicizing the quality and efficiency of its solutions beyond Italian borders,” declared Enrico Itri, International COO of Zucchetti. “Already a national leader in the hospitality sector, the company is now aiming to finalize a series of acquisitions already begun in 2019, which will continue also during 2020. Its final objective is to achieve important growth within an international panorama.”