i68 and IDS Ingeniería de Sistemas change their business name and embark on a new era as Zucchetti Spain

i68 and IDS adopt the new business name, Zucchetti Software Spain

Bilbao, 8 January 2020.- In 2016, the Zucchetti Group began its expansion project in Spain with the incorporation of Solmicro, who were later joined by IDS Ingeniería de Sistemas and i68. Over the past few years, these companies, who were until then national ERP-CRM software manufacturers, have set off an exciting journey embracing change, generating synergies and sharing their experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector acquired over more than 30 years’ dedicated work. Solmicro was the first company to form part of the Zucchetti Spain brand in January 2019, and in June, the Zucchetti Spain project was officially launched before more than 400 partners and clients of Solmicro, i68 and IDS at an event held at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao, which was supported by Basque institutions.This considerable project is therefore now consolidated thanks to the change of brand of i68 and IDS to Zucchetti Spain as of 1 January 2020.

i68 and IDS consolidate the Zucchetti Spain project, at the head of the national IT sector

As i68 and IDS adopt the Zucchetti Spain brand, the project has further consolidated its position at the cutting edge of the IT sector in our country.

New brand, new image. Zucchetti logo which will be used by i68 and IDS from today 

Zucchetti Spain brings together the skills and knowledge of almost 200 professionals with wide experience, plus a solid base of collaborators made up of 300 qualified professionals around the country. With a turnover of €15.5 million in 2019 and more than 2.000 customers, Zucchetti Spain has the broadest technological solutions portfolio on the market as a result of combining the solutions developed in Spain with the software, hardware and services solutions portfolio of the Zucchetti Group.

Adopting the Zucchetti Spain brand brings about the start of a new era for the two software manufacturers, who can continue their strong commitment to the innovation and development of the most up-to-date solutions which have helped them stand out since they began operations in this sector. The Zucchetti Group dedicates 25% of its workforce exclusively to R&D and innovation (1.500 workers). In fact, it has been precisely this growth strategy based on innovation which has allowed it to establish itself as the top software development company in Italy and one of the leaders in Europe (Ranking Top 100 of IDC). This vision guarantees the future of the Zucchetti Spain project by ensuring the necessary investment to continue offering the greatest standards of innovation and the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions and IT services on the market.

Consolidation and future of Zucchetti Spain

Zucchetti Spain will continue to work on the expansion and consolidation of the Group leadership in the Spanish market, where it is already a reference in the ERP software and HR management sectors, and will seek to incorporate new lines of business. A strategy based on both organic growth, attracting new clients and distributors; and inorganic, through the acquisition of new software companies. In the medium to long term, the aim of Zucchetti Spain is to expand into the Latin American market which, together with the national market, is key to the international growth strategy of the Zucchetti Group.