Zucchetti Spain analyses the role of the HR Department as leader in the Digital Transformation of companies

New free information guide available

Bilbao, 9 October 2019 – The role of the Human Resources Department in companies has changed significantly over the last few years. Gone are the days in which it was merely an administrative area; now it has a much more strategical role. This new role takes on special importance in digital transformation, in which the Human Resources Department has the crucial task of coming up with a new organizational concept, in which the hiring of talent, performance management, data analysis for decision-making, and the handling of multicultural and intergenerational teams are now vitally important.

With the aim of guiding companies in their journey towards Digital Transformation, Zucchetti Spain has today launched an informative Guide which deals with the new role the Human Resources Department plays and how it can lead this process. The new Guide, entitled The Human Resources Department, the leader in your company's Digital Transformation, analyses the role the HR department plays in the digital era and provides the necessary information for choosing a human resources management solution which responds to these needs.

This is a fascinating document for those companies who are embarking on the Digital Transformation journey. It will help them to understand why the Human Resources Department can become the driving force behind this process and highlight the challenges thrown up by the Digital Era, which can be overcome with the digitalization of human resources management. The Guide also contains a practical Road Map for how the Human Resources Department can lead the Digital Transformation in your company. Finally, the reader will find key concepts to help choose the right tool for human resources management and guarantee success in its implementation.

This new guide forms part of the collection edited by Zucchetti Spain, which aims to provide valuable content to companies to assist them with the complicated task of choosing and implementing the most suitable management solutions. To fulfill this objective, the collection already contains 17 white papers in which various current topics are addressed, all related to new digital tools and management solutions. An outreach project which is complemented by the content which Zucchetti Spain regularly posts on its blog regarding current topics of interest and trends in IT.

Zucchetti’s solutions for Digital Transformation through human resources management

The Zucchetti Group boast more than 40 years’ experience developing human resources management solutions, placing the company at the forefront of the European market. On an international scale, its HR unit has more than 28,000 clients of different types and from a wide range of activity sectors.

Its HR Infinity solution, which in 2018 was heralded as the “Best Human Resources Management Software in Spain” (La Razón newspaper Technology Awards), has been very well-received in our country. Leading companies such as Tubacex, the Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE) Company, Condé Nast, Industrias Arruti, Tecoi Corte, Buruplast or Bulgari, have all already implemented our product to manage their workforce.

This is one of the most advanced human resources management solutions on the market. A complete solution, which can be set up in the cloud or locally (on-premise) and integrated with other external providers. It has a complete package of functional modules which allows the company to strengthen the reach of the company and progressively improve the most relevant areas, or those which are most in need of improvement, taking a step-by-step approach rather than having to take on the whole project at once.

Among its functional modules, it is worth highlighting the following: employee portal, attendance control, planning, job reports, travel budget planning and employee expenses, talent management, analysis, communications and authorizations work flow, its App for human resources mobility management or the attendance management devices developed by the Zucchetti Group.

A complete range of informative guides available to companies

The Human Resources Department, the leader in your company's Digital Transformation is available completely free of charge for any company that is interested. Just request a copy from www.zucchetti.es while stocks last.

The complete collection of the 17 Informative Guides edited by Zucchetti Spain is also available on the software manufacturer's website https://www.zucchetti.es/guias.html. A collection which also deals with current topics regarding new digital tools, ERP solutions management, workforce management, BI or Cloud, as well as other interesting matters which are relevant to companies.