All about Payments: Paycult joins Zucchetti Group

Zucchetti further anchors its position on the German market with the acquisition of payment specialists Paycult

Based on more than 30 years of experience in the Catering and Vending markets, Paycult is a trusted, reliable and recognized partner for its proven capabilities in consulting, software, hardware and services. Since its inception, the company rapidly established itself as a leading, innovative manufacturer and service provider in the German Catering and Vending markets. The company has branches near Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and its production office is located in Weingarten.

Zucchetti, one of the major players in the IT sector in Europe, recently acquired Paycult, adding a wide variety of payment systems to its already rich portfolio that includes applications for HR management, POS and Access control solutions. Together, Zucchetti and Paycult own today’s largest installation base in the area of corporate catering in Germany. However, this collaboration comes from far away: the two companies have now been business partners for more than ten years and the collaboration has always been effective, trusting and friendly. 

The extensive know-how of Paycult employees poses the foundation for a successful cooperation with numerous clients in the catering and vending industry, exploiting Paycult expertise in both cash and cashless payments, covering all company needs 360 degrees.

“Business takes place between people” says Helmuth Butt, CEO of Paycult. “I am very sure that this maxim will also apply to the newly formed bond between Zucchetti and Paycult! The acquisition of Paycult by Zucchetti is the logical consequence of over one decade of trusting and successful cooperation.

"The acquisition is a sign of Zucchetti's continued evolution in the European key segments”, affirms Dirk Schwindling, CEO of Zucchetti Germany GmbH, “The know-how of the employees and the quality of products support our strategy to make highly integrated solutions available to the market. The acquisition of Paycult is extremely important for the “transformation” of TCPOS into Zucchetti, both from the product and the corporate side of things".

“Paycult products have always matched all payment needs of Zucchetti’s clients using our POS solutions”, explains Schwindling, “We have been collaborating for decades and often felt as we belonged together, so it was natural to finally join forces under the Zucchetti brand”.

“The acquisition of Paycult helps Zucchetti to place its expertise in the catering and vending sector”, continues Schwindling, “with the help of an experienced and respected provider and we strengthen and anchor our presence in the German market, aiming to expand it day by day”.