Zucchetti signs a strategic agreement with Cisco to bring “smart working” and “collaboration” at the highest level

This collaboration creates a unique offer on the market in terms of software platform and IT infrastructure.

Zucchetti, the leading Italian software house, signed a strategic agreement with Cisco to share their respective excellence and bring a unique “smart working” and “collaboration” offer to the market.

The goal, in fact, is to keep being a point of reference in technological innovation for companies and professionals.

Basically the functionalities of Cisco’s unified communication and collaboration tools are integrated in the Infinity Zucchetti platform for Personnel Management to create a new, more productive and efficient way of working. The benefits will be perceived first of all by the applications’ users, who will have at their disposal a “virtual assistant” able to simplify their daily activities with an interactive and personalized support.

“Zucchetti’s solutions for Personnel Management have conquered the market because clients recognize its innovative character” stated Domenico Uggeri, Zucchetti’s vicepresident “and we always try to add new functionalities capable of providing real and immediate advantages in terms of productivity and efficiency.

The strategic agreement with Cisco perfectly reaches this goal because remote communication, immediate transfer of information and social interaction among colleagues require increasingly performing technological tools.

Of course, two companies like Zucchetti and Cisco give their customers and their respective business partners great guarantees in terms of quality and reliability, so that the news of the agreement has been welcomed with great enthusiasm at the 2018 Cisco Partner Summit. Zucchetti has in fact been awarded as “Partner of the year” for the EMEAR region for this innovative solution for the  management of human resources, that will not only be available in Italy, but in other countries too.” 

"Cisco and Zucchetti share the same culture that focuses on the customer “ declared Agostino Santoni, CEO of Cisco Italy “ We are both committed to accelerating the innovation and competitiveness of our clients. We want to create a new user experience for the HR management, by integrating all the innovation of Cisco’s collaboration technology in Zucchetti’s Infinity HR Platform.”