Grupo i68 integrates with Zucchetti, the leading Italian software house

Zucchetti Group chose Spain as its target market for its international expansion and gave Solmicro the leadership of its growth on the Spanish market.

Bilbao, 22nd October 2018.- Zucchetti, the leading Italian software house, has just officialized the acquisition of Grupo i68, a company dedicated to the development, installation and maintenance of ERP solutions.

Grupo i68 has a 30-year-long history of ERP development, over 100 professionals, relevant customers in a variety of sectors, such as automotive, machinery, food, manufacturing of metal items and so on. Moreover, it got recognized as the best service company de Gipuzkoa. All of this, enabled it to become one of the reference points in the ERP software sector.

This new operation follows the recent acquisition of IDS, another leader in the manufacturing of ERP solutions and of Solmicro, in 2016. Solmicro, in fact, became responsible of Zucchetti’s growth on the Spanish market and made the two acquisitions possible.

According to Isabel Busto, General Director of Grupo i68: “We are convinced that this operation has been very positive for all the people that are part of Group i68. It implies an important liquidity support for our organization, as well as better future guarantees for our clients, employees and for the company’s business project itself.
We believe so, because the business project proposed by Zucchetti is completely in line with our strategy and expectations, guaranteeing product evolution, access to products developed and comercialized by other group’s companies and an important financial support. We are very happy because we are going to combine efforts and skills with people we have been knowing for a long time, with wich we perfectly tune and share values, visions and, most of all, passion for what we do.”    

On the other hand, Justino Martínez, General Director Solmicro, states: We targeted Grupo i68 because of its size, customer profile, wide range of products and human quality of its managers and professional team. We share the same values and an exciting and future project together with all of them.

We are sure of its success, because together with IDS we are laying the foundations for the growth of Zucchetti Group in Spain. The total sum of our projects, alongside with those of Zucchetti, will give to our partners, clients and to the market in general such a complete offer that it will be hard to match.”

According to  Enrico Itri, Zucchetti’s Worldwide Business Operations Director With the goal of accelerating our international expansion, we consider strategic acquiring companies that are already a point of reference in the ICT sector in their country of origin. Therefore, the acquisition of Grupo i68 is part of this plan, since, together with Solmicro, they create a technological hub of great excellence for ERP solutions, not only for the Spanish market, but also for the South American one.

We have the double goal of guaranteeing the ongoing development of Group i68’s own solutions and its quick integration with other components of Zucchetti’s offer, in order to increase business opportunities.”