With the acquisition of Selesta Ingegneria, Zucchetti becomes the unique leader in the access control field

For Zucchetti, this represents one of the biggest corporate acquisition of its history, that turns the group into the leading Italian operator in the time & attendance tracking, access control and building security sectors.

Zucchetti acquired Selesta Ingegneria, a company with 30 years of experience in the field of access control, with over 2 400 active customers, managed via seven offices and 186 employees on the Italian territory and a turnover of more than €23 million. It is one of the biggest acquisitions made by Zucchetti Group, that thanks to this operation has become the unique leader in the Italian market of building security and access control, with a relevant position on the international market too.

“Zucchetti and Selesta Ingegneria have always represented the excellence of the security and automation sector, with solutions capable of satisfying the needs of any entity and company in any sector” states Domenico Uggeri, Zucchetti’s vice-president. “This union created not only the main player on the Italian market, but also a point of reference for the international market where the value of Zucchetti’s systems has already been successfully proved, for example for the security of big sports facilities.”

“We are convinced that combining the experience and competence of Selesta Ingegneria and Zucchetti’s people, we will be able to further grow on the market and achieve even more important successes in the field of time and attendance tracking, access control and building security.” adds Marco Marchetti, responsible for Zucchetti’s Security & Automation division. “Moreover, Selesta Ingegneria’s clients will have the opportunity to integrate their applications with Zucchetti’s solutions for Human Capital Management to optimize all processes related to human resources.”

“By becoming part of Zucchetti Group we have made the best choice that we could have made, sharing with a big Italian company the same values that characterized us in these past years, that is to say the development of human capital, focusing our attention on the person’s wellness and safety thanks to the usage of the best technologies, in an innovative perspective in order to optimize organizational choices” declares Barbara Teagno, Selesta Ingegneria’s Operative Director.