Zucchetti expands its offer for the foreign market with KonaKart’s e-commerce solution

Zucchetti Group recently acquired a controlling stake in the English DS Data Systems (UK) Ltd., owner and developer of KonaKart e-commerce software solution.

Zucchetti Group, Italian leader in the software market with a turnover of €410 million in 2016, recently acquired a controlling stake in the English DS Data Systems (UK) Ltd., owner and developer of KonaKart software, a Java-based B2C and B2B e-commerce platform targeting international customers, including those of big dimensions, among which high value clients, from Leroy Merlin, to Oxford University Press, from Saudi Telecom to Sky New Zealand.

DS Data Systems has been assisted by K Finance, Clairfield International’s Italian partner, as financial advisor and by the “Avvocatidiimpresa” law firm for the legal part.

The operation, synergic for both parties, allows Zucchetti to expand and integrate its offer of software solutions for the foreign market with a worldwide widespread e-commerce product, that can be easily integrated in any platform and at the same time enables DS to exploit the big opportunities in terms of marketing, customers and network of partners that the Italian software leader can offer in order to increase the adoption of its KonaKart product.

Paolo Sidoli, one of DS’s founders, expressed his satisfaction for the deal reached with Zucchetti: “We are very happy to have become part of the leading Italian group in Information Technology, because thanks to this agreement we will be able to develop our product on a large scale taking advantage of the big growth potential that Zucchetti Group can offer us.”

On its side, Zucchetti, through Enrico Itri, group leader of the “Worldwide Business Operations” unit, confirmed the strategic value of the operation, stating that: “Zucchetti’s expansion in the foreign market happens also thanks to deals like the one with DS, since it enables us to enrich our offer of software especially dedicated to the European market, particularly for Spain and Germany. Our goal is in fact to become a global software and service provider for customers all over the world, integrating products like KonaKart in our ERP solutions, in the vertical solutions for retail and in other components of Zucchetti’s offer.”