Zucchetti's ZTravel integrates with AirPlus Company Account

Thanks to this agreement, that further expands the partnership already started up last October between Zucchetti Systema and AirPlus International Italia to integrate the management platform eAgency with the payment system AirPlus Travel Agency Account, companies can improve management of all administrative and accounting procedures associated with business travel

Zucchetti is the first Italian software group with more than 135,000 active clients. AirPlus is on the other hand the specialized multi-national for providing payment solutions, analyses and management of company travel expenses. Together they have developed a joint offer for companies that integrates ZTravel, the Zucchetti web technology software that allows you to manage the entire pre-/on- and post-travel process, with AirPlus Company Account, the company's centralized payment, reporting and travel service analysis solution.

The data from bookings made with AirPlus lodge payment solutions are acquired by the ZTravel system, where all the transactions are matched with each traveling employee's expense sheets for full accounting automation.  At the end of the process, transfer expenses merge into a single report, regardless of the purchasing channel, aid the work of all the resources who work in administration.

“We really are enthusiastic about being able to add another string to our partnership, with a giant of the sector like AirPlus - said Valentina Ubaldi, product manager for ZTravel Zucchetti – that allows us to give clients an even more complete solution for business trip management. Using the integrated solution guarantees full visibility of transfer costs in the expense sheets, including plane tickets, hotels, train tickets and car hire purchased centrally by the company with travel agencies and directly on dedicated websites and portals.

Also, the synergy between the two solutions guarantees security and control during the purchase phase and a reduction in the cash advance management process”.

 “The development of this new joint offer expands the range of AirPlus’ integrated services, allowing companies to automate and simplify business travel transfer processes in all phases, from payment to reporting”, says Daniele Aulari – Sales and Partnership Director at AirPlus Italia. “The partnership with Zucchetti allows us to pursue our strategy focused on proposing value tools and services to Italian companies that need technology to control data, integrate payments within their administrative process in a suitable way, safeguarding time and costs, and - even more importantly - safety while managing transactions”.