Solmicro new ERP implementation and the Online Store for Spanish Football League

In this global project, Solmicro has implemented its management software, Solmicro-eXpertis ERP, and has developed a new Online Store integrated with it.

The new S.D. Eibar Online Store developed by Solmicro MKR has just been launched onto the market. The whole range of products of the club are available in this Online Store for domestic and international markets: all the club strip clothes and merchandising products. The Store has an easy, modern and attractive design, according to the internet user habits and lifestyle.
In order to face this challenge S.D. Eibar trusted Solmicro, who brought a global solution to all the needs of the club.

In this way Solmicro’s Business Division specialized in marketing and internet, Solmicro MKR, has developed the new Online Store with a modern, attractive, usable and intuitive design, adapted to mobile devices, developed in three languages and designed specifically to be integrated with Solmicro-eXpertis ERP.

Solmicro is also implanting his integral managing software, Solmicro-eXpertis ERP in the club and will integrate it with the new Online Store.

Solmicro has a wide experience developing management solutions for 1st division football teams. This experience allows Solmicro for facing this new project with success guarantees. Some representative customers of Solmicro playing in 1st division are: Athletic Club de Bilbao (Bilbao), Real Betis Balompié (Seville) and Real Sociedad de Fútbol (San Sebastian).

A new strategy: e- commerce integrated with ERP

Solmicro has become a strategic partner of Sociedad Deportiva Eibar in this new management optimization stage. Its integral project includes consultancy during the planning of the strategy, ERP management software implantation, Online Store development, integration of both platforms and support during all the process. Furthermore, Solmicro provides safety in the future project. The company will be able to support the future needs that the growth of the club could generate, and to implement the solutions that S.D. Eibar could require. All these needs will be covered by a sole provider.

Thanks to professional management and continuous advising in technology and e-Business provided by Solmicro, S.D. Eibar can now optimize its resources, improve its management and become more competitive. This project allows the club a professional management, given by the automatization and data synchronization of its two channels: on and offline. As a result of this, now S.D. Eibar avoids data duplicity and can keep its Online Store up to date very easily, because it is integrated with its ERP-CRM.