FABtotum Unveils new FABtotum CORE Multipurpose Personal Fabricator

FABtotum has unveiled the newer version of their all-in-one 3D printer, a flexible platform that can incorporate 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Scanning and now Laser engraving.

The presentation of the new product happened during the CEO Marco Rizzuto's speech at Milestone event last saturday in which press, partners and investors were invited.
The new FABtotum CORE substitutes the previous version of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator released in 2014 which was a crowdfunding hit the year before on popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo, raising over 580'000 USD.

"The FABtotum personal Fabricator CORE is the result of more than 2 years of development and improvements of the first product. It's a milestone for us and source of pride" said Rizzuto.
"With CORE we are refining the user experience and giving customers the best possible tool for multipurpose rapid prototyping and manufacturing" continues.

The FABtotum CORE is available for purchase on the FABtotum website www.fabtotum.com: each customer can pick the add-ons to include and customize the platform to suit his/her needs.

Present vs Past: functionalities and modularity
The FABtotum CORE keeps the basic functionalities (3D printing, Milling, Scanning) and the modular concept of the previous model, which is made possible by swapping the addon heads. It as well retains backward compatibility with all units. It improves efficiency and speed by all-new electronics, newer printing heads and build surfaces, as well as new built-in software.

A Quad Core board: high performance, high speed
The FABtotum CORE is several times faster than the precedessor owing to the introduction of the onboard Quad Core RPI computer board.
Printing times and speeds have also been increased thanks to newer electronics.
The FABtotum CORE sports one of the biggest print to printer size ratio on the market and is intended as a professional desktop 3D printer and multipurpose device.

Colibri: more than just a new Software, it's an OS
The FABtotum CORE comes with a built in Web Interface called FABUI, that can be accessed via LAN, Wifi and remotely on a browser. The FABtotum Personal Fabricator CORE is a standalone device: it does not need a PC to run.

The FABtotum CORE will soon also be equipped with the new FABUI Colibri, the brand new Operating System internally developed as the first operating system built from the ground up for 3D printing.

FABUI Colibri will dramatically improve the speed of the system even further and add full filestystem recovery and networking improvements.
FABUI Colibri will be able to be installed also on older FABtotum Personal Fabricator units.

Laser Head, PRISM & More: other products announcements
FABtotum has also presented the Laser Head Module, coming in early 2017, a new add on capable of precise PCB engraving, paper and stencils cutting as well as engraving images on wood or other particular alloys.

A section of the Milestone presentation has been dedicated to the PRISM stereolithography platform, a module that will enable SLA 3D printing on any FABtotum.
The company has in fact announced it's working on new materials and procedures with renowned University labs to bring this new technology to the market in the near future.