Zucchetti acquires 100% of Solmicro and looks to the ERP market in Spain and Latin America

With the acquisition of Solmicro, a Spanish company specializing in the development and resale of ERP management software, the Zucchetti Group has stepped up its investment abroad, extending its presence to the Spanish and Latin American markets

Zucchetti, the leading Italian software group present in over 40 countries worldwide with more than 200 partners, has announced the acquisition of Solmicro, a Spanish company based in Bilbao specialized in the development of ERP, cloud (e.g. CRM), e-business and digital marketing solutions.

The acquisition of Solmicro has expanded the international horizons of the Zucchetti Group. Indeed, the Lodi-based software house is already present in the Brazilian ERP sector, and in France, Germany and Switzerland for the sale of HR solutions. In the latter countries, and in the United States, the Group is also present in the catering and hospitality industry. In Romania, the Zucchetti Group is present in the HR and ERP sector, in the latter case also with retailers in Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary. Furthermore, the Group also implements venue management solutions in various countries worldwide, including Bahrain, Mexico and Qatar.

Alessandro Zucchetti, President of the Zucchetti Group,is very satisfied with the acquisition: "We are pursuing our international investments with success. Solmicro has allowed us to expand in Spanish-speaking South America, where we already sell software solutions for the Argentinean catering industry.

We are well aware of Solmicro's drive for innovation. The company's strength lies mainly in its vertical market software aimed, for example, at the industrial, construction, food and wine sectors."

"This highly strategic acquisition has allowed us to expand in the Spanish and Latin American ERP markets," said Enrico Itri, Head of the Foreign BU of the Zucchetti Group. "We are confident that the acquisition will enhance the skills of Solmicro employees and stakeholders in the fields of CRM, Analytics and HR. The ultimate objective is the distribution of some of our solutions in Spain and Hispanic America.

We chose Solmicro because, like Zucchetti, it sells its solutions through a widespread network of highly qualified business partners."

"We have no doubt that, with the Zucchetti Group, we will consolidate all those elements of success that have made Solmicro a valid point of reference for the Spanish ERP-CRM software market, that is, our commitment to Research & Development and our widespread network of partners, both in Spain and in South America," said Justino Martínez, General Manager of Solmicro. "We are very pleased to form part of Italy's leading software group, because we share very similar values. Through Zucchetti's drive for innovation and investment in new markets, Solmicro is sure to enjoy significant growth in Spain and South America."