Zucchetti partners with Talentia Software

Goal: to create a global pole of excellence in the realm of human resources management solutions

The new year has begun with an important move by the Zucchetti group, which entered into a partnership with Talentia Software [1], alongside with the Argos Soditic [2] fund and the Talentia company management. In particular, the aim is to deploy a combined offer in Italy as a first step, and in other European countries as a second step.

The international growth of Zucchetti (the leading Italian software company with over 386 million Euro turnover in 2015, and more than 105,000 active clients) will be fostered by this move, especially in the area of human resource management solutions.

In the scenario of world economics, human resources are increasingly a strategic asset, as the correct management of talents is paramount to the success of every organization.

The corporate operation between Zucchetti, Argos Soditic and Talentia Software is a part of this context. Thanks mainly to the Cezanne Software Holdings Limited, the latter company has become successful internationally with important figures, in particular in the medium-large company sector: 54.4 million Euro turnover in 2015, 25% of which overseas, with a growth of 30 over the last 5 years%.

“Talentia Software distinguishes itself on the market by the quality of its solutions and its high level of customer satisfaction - declared Louis Godron, Chairman of Argos Soditic – and this is the basis of why we have decided to invest to further increase the element of research and development and increase the sales force in order to expand penetration of the company offer in European markets”.

“We have drawn up an aggressive growth plan with Argos Soditic and Zucchetti that will allow us to offer an increasingly performing, international range of solutions to clients.” – Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software and President of Fédération Syntec commented – With Zucchetti, we can implement some important synergies in order to satisfy the administrative, organizational and management needs of companies in the realm of human resources”.

“Our goal is to strengthen our international presence, also with Talentia Software’s expertise and to continue to bring the excellence of Zucchetti products in the world. – Alessandro Zucchetti, President of Zucchetti, states – We decided on this investment as we share the main values of proposal on the market, i.e. Continuous technological innovation and attention to clients”.

Antonio Grioli, President of the Zucchetti Board of Directors added: “Talentia Software and Zucchetti are two companies that are already leaders in the human resources sector. We are quite sure that this offer of HR solutions, the only one of its kind in quality and completeness, will further favor the expansion of the two companies in both their respective national markets and overseas.

Zucchetti and Talentia Software: two excellences, together to form absolute excellence for their clients around the world.

[1] Talentia Software is an international group specialized in the management of company performance in the economic-financial and human resources area. With about 430 collaborators spread around six countries,  Talentia Software has a portfolio of about 3600 clients around the world. With offices in Italy, France,  the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Greece, Talentia Software enjoys a network of partners mainly in Europe, United States, Latin America, Australia, Asia and West Africa, offering global support and consultancy services to its clients. The Italian company Talentia Software Italia, with offices in Milan and Bari, has more than 500 clients in its two areas of business. The operational structure Counts about 70 people, comprising engineers and software developers, consultants, sales&marketing and  administrative staff.


[2] Argos Soditic is an independent European private equity group with offices in Paris, Geneva, Milan, Brussels and Frankfurt. Argos Soditic funds invest in management buy-outs, buy-ins, spin-offs, of small and medium sized companies, focusing on transformation and growth in the acquired companies. Argos Soditic is a member of InvestEurope (formerly EVCA) as well as national associations in France (AFIC), Italy (AIFI), Switzerland (SECA) and BVA (Belgium). Argos Soditic France is regulated by the AMF and is AIFMD compliant.